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Would you trade Ghost for #1 overall?

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  • Would you trade Ghost for #1 overall?

    Assuming Edmonton wins the lottery again I have to think they'd be looking to move the pick instead of drafting another future superstar forward. I doubt Ghost would be enough to get it done, but given our prospect depth on D, would you make this trade?

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    No, it's better to have a known commodity than an unknown.


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      the #1, and Eberle or Hall....


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        Straight up? Considering our prospect depth on D, I think you would have to take that trade.


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          nope . when's the last time the flyers had a D-man like this ? Howe maybe ?


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            For Connor Mcdavid sure, but given the offensive impact of all of those other top end "can't miss" superstar forwards and how bad that team is....I think I keep a very special player (Gost) that has already proven to be able to compete and perform at the NHL level with substantial impact.

            We may have defensive depth....but the majority of it is unproven at the NHL level.

            {inhale} I HEART CLAUDE GIROUX {exhale}



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              No. As a rule, high-end defensemen are far more difficult to come by than high-end forwards. Ghost is 5 points off a top-10 spot in the entire league in scoring for defensemen with nearly every player in front of him having played about 20 more games. That's crazy.


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                  Ghost has single handlyrics improved a bad team in less than half a season. Those young Edmonton stars cannot say that. The freaky thing is that he will get better. I agree with flyerdog, the #1 is no where near enough. Is even a can't miss star in this draft. I would want 9ne of their students forwards too.


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                    Also, consider these two points:

                    ​#1 - There is a very real chance that the Flyers would have drafted JVR first overall if they had the opportunity to do so. So, raise your hand if you would trade Ghost for two years of waiting and then JVR.

                    #2 - Or

                    Ghost 36GP 10G 20A

                    Hall 57GP 18G 32A

                    Eberle 44GP 18G 14A

                    Nugent-Hopkins 46GP 8G 22A

                    Yakupov 35GP 4G 10A

                    Eichel 56GP 16G 21A

                    McDavid is a generational player, so I've excluded him as no one comparable is due to be drafted this year. Which of those other guys would you trade Ghost for? Maybe you'd choose from that list. I guarantee no one chooses more than two. It's not a risk worth taking, as far as I'm concerned.