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    The Flyers revealed their jerseys for the game at Heinz Field this morning. Personally, I think they're pretty sharp. Makes sense that they'd go to a black jersey since they haven't worn one in quite some time. These are slick and I think they'll really look good under the lights at the game.

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    I like them. Only so much you can do when our current jersies are already throwbacks to the best era of jersies in the franchise. They aren't ugly, and they're different enough from anything we've ever seen.
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      I really like them...especially the fact that the shoulders stay black. These look mean/intimidating.

      The one area that I'm not too sure about is the name plate. I wonder if it would have looked better without the plate and with the name directly on the jersey in the same black with white border as the number on the back.


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        i like them but somethign about them makes them look super..tight lol


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          I like them.

          What would Fred do?


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            Pretty meh. Too plain.


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              I like them, the color contrast is sharp, they are not flashy. If you get a name and number it will look balanced because of the numbers on the arms, but i like mine with no names or numbers.
              Still, its sharp but noit flashy.

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                not a fan. to me it looks like one of those walmart fake jersey/long sleeve t shirts that tries to cram as much as possible on it.
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                  Horrible. black is so 90's.


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                    I was worried that they would throw out a black jersey I would hate, but these look pretty darn good. I like that they are super simple.