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    Watching Matthew Strome of the Hamilton Bulldogs play against the Niagara Icedogs in the OHL here tonight in St Catharines.

    Iíve seen him play several times now in the past few years in his OHL career. I see him quite a bit as Hamilton usually visits three times a year plus they played in the playoffs last year.

    Iíve seen all three Stromes play in the OHL now.

    Ryan was by far the most talented. Iím really surprised heís been such a bust in the NHL I figured he would turn into at least an average NHLer but itís looking like now heís a below average NHLer who could very well be out of the league in a couple years. He was a treat to watch here in St Catharines for a couple years.

    Dylan played on a stacked OHL team with the Erie Otters. I really didnít think he was high first round material. Skating was sub par although he was super talented. Heís yet to really make a name for himself in the NHL. Iíd be shocked if he puts up as many points as his bro Ryan.

    Which brings us to Matt, the Flyers fourth? Rounder from this year... by far the biggest of the three, his skating has improved, but heís also by far the least talented of the three. Although he scored a nice goal on a PP redirection here I. The first period, he also made a terrible blind pass while in a prime shooting position earlier in the period. He still looks kinda gangly and awkward out there ... I never thought Patrick Maroon would ever play in the NHL based on what I saw of him in the OHL... so I guess there is SOME hope ... but if I had to put money on it, I canít imagine Strome ever contributes meaningfully to the Flyers organization.

    Itís still early dats I know ... but Salintiri showed a LOT more than Strome in the OHL, and the Flyer didnít bother to sign him ....

    Further updates at the end of the game and maybe Iíll get a pic too if the opportunity presents

    Go flyers go

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      Thanks for this Strohs...i think Strome developing is a potential NHLer allows the Flyers to use him as an asset to sweeten the pot in a deal. While he isn't a blue chip, his name carries value by do his stats. So i hope he continues to improve and allows Hexy to use this asset to improve the team.


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        Watching Maxim Sushko and the Owen Sound Attack tonight here in St Catharines versus the Icedogs.

        First period impressions ... certainly he can skate and he has some grit ... has a stockier build ... heís not going to fill out to be a giant but heís certainly not going to be Jordan Weal tiny either ... does some penalty killing too. Will report back in a bit. Currently Icedogs up 2-0 and shots 15-4 for Dogs.

        Currently heís fifth in Sound scoring with 5g 16a in 28 gp

        Nick Suzuki Habs property first rounder from Vegas acquired in the Pacioretty deal also playing tonight ... that boy can skate wow ...

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          Well I only see Sushko once a year here in St Catharines .

          I would say he has more upside than Strome.

          Heís a better skater, not as big of a guy as Strome but certainly plays with more grit than Strome. He goes to the dirty areas in front of the net and played pretty decent two way game.

          Didnít get many scoring chances, although the Icedogs were much stronger than them tonight.

          From what little I saw I liked what I saw.

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            Thanks for this update Strohs!

            What were your impressions of Suzuki (apart from his speed)? How would you compare his skill set to Frost?


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              Originally posted by lynchmob450
              Thanks for this update Strohs!

              What were your impressions of Suzuki (apart from his speed)? How would you compare his skill set to Frost?
              Suzuki didnít do too much other than show heís fast. Really. Jaguars dominated the game for the most part and then it got really chippy with about seven minutes left in the game Owen Sound took two five minute majors within like a minute of each other and Suzuki doesnít PK.

              Owen Sound and SSM unfortunately only come to niagara once a year.

              Suzukiís brother is I would say faster , heís a projected first rounder this year .

              So other than his speed he didnít do all that much I think cuz niagara pretty much dominated them.

              I remember seeing Frost in his draft year before the Flyers even drafted him so as a 17 yo. He was by far the best player in the ice that game . Unreal.

              I was driving home from up North when the draft was on and I heard the flyers picked a guy from SSM and I immediately wondered if it was that Frost kid. And when I found out it was I was ecstatic.

              Frost was really good last year I saw him too. Heís very quick. Great vision. Great hands. Finds open ice. Gotta say he reminds me a lot of Mitch Marner ... who I also saw in the O.

              Letís just say in January we are going south to the Dominican for a week and I purposely scheduled the trip so that I could watch Frost and the Soo visit Niagara.

              Heís worth the price of admission ... in the O at least. See what happens in the show.

              I remember Konecny being that good of a player in the O too. Although I saw Konecny more....

              I think they got a steal in Frost .... time will tell

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                IIHF article on Ginning going into the U20s:



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                  Sadly, Goulbourne's multi-game streak of scoring two goals and being named the game's First Star ended last night, though his point-scoring streak continues.


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                    On a more serious note:
                    Myers is leading the Phantoms in +/- and has put up a decent number of points (including 6pts in last 3gp)

                    [ looking over the AHL stats this morning to kill time ]


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                      If you look deeper into Myers you will see he is destroying down there. Most of his points are even strength as well. Ready for a call up!