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    Vanilla comes to mind when I think of the Flyers...they are just plain and have no real identity!

    This team, while needing to be commended for going 10 games without a loss, plays soft hockey (I'm not saying they never take the body, but there's a high number of times, each game, where guys try to stick check or peel off rather than taking the body). That was the one thing that came with Hakstol was that his North Dakota teams played physically, tough hockey to wear down your competitor and we all know this team is currently WAY too small for that style. If Hexy recognizes he needs to get bigger to play a more effective style of Hakstol hockey, then he needs to move some pieces.

    This team still lacks hockey IQ and quick decison making. Too much time hanging on to the puck to process and before you know it, they are turning the puck over. Two examples from tonight's game that explain my point are polar opposites of each other. The quick pass from Konecny to Simmonds on the first goal is the quick decisions that need to be made consistently, as opposed to Schenn hanging on to the puck along the boards trying to decide what to do with the puck, but it was quickly taken away and the Blues then scored the empty netter.

    The defenseman still miss a high percentage of shots when attempted from the point...wide, wide, wide...I'm not sure why this continues to happen!

    They still lack team speed (some improvement though), but this is an issue against faster/quicker teams.

    This team has only earned 3 out of a possible 10 points since Dallas ended the streak, which certainly is not a good trend...Hexy's biggest concern is giving those points back!

    I need to keep reminding myself this team is still young and rebuilding, but this team will sure be really exciting to watch 3-5 years down the road!

    Originally posted by M13 View Post
    this team needs something...and i am not really..sure what...but i think they need to be really..blown out embarrassingly for a move to be made


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      Originally posted by behn3 View Post
      It's games like this that convince me that Mason is not the long term answer between the pipes!
      I think that you are probably right, but at this time he is clearly the #1.


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        The team is doing exactly what the fanbase does...holds on to too many pieces for way too long..makes kneejerk decisions when patience should be the mantra..

        Biggest problem in Philly, they brought in a coach with awesome credentials..who was very clearly tasked with maintaining the status quo...and not changing or shaking things up...

        Very little experimenting or new combos, new looks...

        The Flyers have a talented forward roster that has been static for years and years and years...maybe the puzzle pieces aren't placed right?

        As far as goaltending goes..every defense of Mason I have read, is as generic as they come, and would apply to making absolutely anyone look better in net, yup tighter defense, better outlet passing, more puck control...but at some point you have to grade the performance when it's on the goalie to be the difference...

        Once the streak ended it was a chance to give Stolarz a run...and instead..we're static...Mason was absolutely owned by the Blues..say what you want about the play in front of him...the Blues picked him apart when it mattered...

        The Flyers need a visionary in the front office...

        ...and they need the kids getting ice...including Stolarz..and oh hey maybe Sam Morin because guys like Schultz are not better options...just "safer"


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          Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post

          I think that you are probably right, but at this time he is clearly the #1.
          Mason's the number 1 solely by the benefit of being given the's not his play or the poor play of Stolarz that make's him a #1...

          just the warm, snugly, safe feeling of going with a veteran...


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            Crickets when we win, sky is falling when we lose. Never change O&B.


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              Look, last night was a bad game (not much better than the Devils 4-0 loss before it). It's not unusual for a team to have a little bit of a downslide after a hot streak, we just have to hope it doesn't last too long. Unfortunately the Eastern Conference and in particular our division is just brutal this season. We're most likely looking at a 7 or 8 seed again.

              That being said, the Flyers have shown some good things and are gradually bringing in the young players. Provorov and Konecny are getting plenty of minutes, Leier is staying in the lineup since his callup (getting a big opportunity with G/V last night), and we're seeing a good amount of Lyubimov, who seems to have an NHL career in front of him, as well. I would like to see Stolarz getting at least a game a week (maybe a 1 out of every 3 pattern). Unfortunately, Neuvirth is almost ready and they'll probably send Stolarz back to the Phantoms having started only two games, which is a shame. I'm hoping they can trade Neuvirth and give Stolie more of a chance. I do hate seeing Schultz in the lineup over ANYBODY. Manning has his inconsistencies, but I'll still take him over Schultz in a third pairing role. And Weise was a bad signing...this guy brings nothing to the lineup. He has a decent shift here and there and that's it. When everyone is healthy, I'd scratch him and keep Leier playing with the big club.

              I'm not going to panic over a couple of poor performances. We'll see if they can get back on track out west over the next two games.
              Mike Barr, Founder


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                its not really a panic..but this team just ..doesn't have it..Hexy has done a great job, but ..perhaps his method of waiting til a kid is deemed ready needs more..flexibility even with Provo(who sadly with this team is already the #1) and TK in the line up...and i will equate the franchise at the moment much like pre-Hinke Sixers...we keep just either getting into the PO's or hovering around we need a major shake up(which would be like..Trading G) probably not..but certain pieces might need swap outs...find and let a goalie play...we will never know what we have if they don't pick someone and let them play

                in regards to Hak, i think he has been ok but some of his ...choices have been head scratching....i think he could have benefitted from having an off ice mentor or behind the bench previous couch as assistant to help him adapt better to the pro game

                I think Hexy, while hands tied with cap and this expansion draft might need to be a bit more...aggressive...we have pieces, that frankly, i do not think will ever crack the line up..don't be afraid to move them

                i mentioned scouting Shattenkirk...i would really see what it would take to get him..he would be perfect to have around i think for the anchor of this D for years..he's a vet..not old..he might be costly in both contract and what it takes to get him

                all and all..we are..for the moment in a decent place points wise..but we really need to start shoring up the D and getting a goalie we know is not going to be a mental case and be here for years if they are good enough and still need some size and speed in the forward ranks


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                  Well, the issue with trying to shore up the D now is that this is the strength of our system. Ghost is a legit offensive defenseman and Provorov sure looks like he's going to be that #1 guy for years to come considering how good he already looks and how much he has improved since the beginning of the year. I'm personally very high on Myers and Sanheim and believe in Morin (though as a big guy he may take longer to round into form). That is a group of five young players which keeps me from wanting to make a move for a high priced/high cost defenseman at this time. Especially since we're stuck with MacDonald's contract and we still have Gudas for awhile.

                  Goaltending looks good for the future...with three netminders in the WJC's plus Stolarz and a couple of others in the system, I have to think at least one of them will pan out. As a already said, I would love to see more of Stolarz now. I've always been a Mason fan, but he does run hot and cold. Could we win a Cup with him? If he's running hot in the playoffs, sure. He's talented and capable. But he's certainly not consistent.

                  I'd be okay with shuffling some of the deck up front to get pieces that fit together a little better. There are some moves that could be made there depending on how our needs match up with other teams. But I don't think we need to do anything near "blowing it up." We're headed in the right direction.

                  And as far as Hakstol goes, I think he's progressing well as an NHL coach. He is learning some things as he goes along, and that's fine. He has a veteran group of assistants so I don't know how much a former head coach would help as a mentor. If anything, a guy like that might cause him to change his own way of doing things to something that may or may not work. Let him do it his way and see where it goes.
                  Mike Barr, Founder


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                    I agree we could use some size, but in that vein we have some guys (especially Wiese) who don't play nearly as big as they physically are. I'll take another couple of Ryan White kind of guys, over some of our so called big guys.


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                      I like IceHokie's comment. What were everyone's expectations from the start of the season? Mine for this year and next are building to 2019. Winning is gravy now. The guys everyone is complaining about may not be around then, but they are serving their roles. This lineup will have to play way over their heads to challenge deep. Let's just enjoy when they play well, and the young guys show promise