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sorry but we need to gut this team

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  • sorry but we need to gut this team

    if we are going to play like this and lose like this, I would rather we lose with guys that care..guys that don't make no name goalies look like Marty Brodeur

    I'll take a team that goes 0 - 82 but fights tooth and nail over a bunch of prima donnas who show up when they feel like it

    keep Simmonds, Provo, and TK...everyone else....listen to offers.....

    I'd even settle for draft picks not even players

    if we are going to rebuild, let's rebuild all the way..not piece meal.....

    this is unwatchable and painful....

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    i agree but...most are playing so bad either teams won't want our guys or we'd get killed value wise...this though is where we see what Hexy can do...this has not been a good mix of players for some time...and you can't keep firing coaches


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      Guys like Jake, G, Couts, Schenn, should brig back a good return...ship them out..for picks even..if a team is hesitant to take on salary...

      make Simmonds the "C"....

      flush the toilet on this current team and hit the might mean we are bottom dwellers for 4 seasons...but that, at least, would give us 4 top 3 picks..ala Pitt, Chi. EDM...etc...


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        11 goals against in the past 23 hours. I guess they had their bags packed and started their bye week once they arrived in Boston. 19 goals against in past 4 games... Most goals against for any team this season


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          i do not think Hexy has the desire to nor the stones to actually trade G..and probably shouldn't,,but i think they need a 2nd center that can be as dynamic and make the other teams worry a bit

          Coots needs to be and stay..a 3rd line center

          one of VdV/PEB..shouldn't dress

          and start bringing up the kids...they have to be better then this mess on D


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            Problem is that there is no way to get that guy except in the draft, for all intents and purposes....


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              pretty much..this hasn't been a rebuild continues to be a retool..


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                The funny thing watching these guys interviewed after the game and it's the same responses after every loss ('we have to play better 60-minute hockey" or "we have to playe better in all three zones" or "we have to stay focused if we get down a goal"...yada, yada, yada)

                These guys almost look robotic and numb to everything. Haven't seen one guy even remotely upset about these losses and to me, that's a big problem.

                Get on the phone Hexy and make some bold moves that will benefit the future of this franchise!


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                  my keepers would be TK, Provo and Simmer...everyone else i would indeed listen on but would't move just to move..


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                    Originally posted by M13 View Post
                    my keepers would be TK, Provo and Simmer...everyone else i would indeed listen on but would't move just to move..
                    at this point it wouldn't be moving them just to move would be, as we have said, a complete rebuild...and in order to kick start that, you would need to start moving the prime players like Jake and G, Couts, Schenn, Ghost, those guys for high level draft picks...which I would be fine with, at this point...