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    Say what you will about whether or not the Flyers are as good as they could or should be, every other team but one in the wildcard race is on a losing streak.

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    they have a chance..but they need to start scoring a few more goals


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      I'll say this about this team....going into this season, i was just wanting some of the kids to get experience and allow Ghost to continue to grow. While Ghost hasn't played up to how he did last season, overall i like where these kids (him along with TK and Provorov) are about to take us. So not making the playoffs is not a biggie for me. Playing good hockey is more important. And if this team can compete the final 6 weeks or so and learn from this for next season...i'm good (i'd love for us to see playoff hockey again...but i'm really looking at next season and the year after where my expectations come to the front).

      For me, my cup will be when the Habs get knocked out of the playoffs (i was really hoping they were going to miss out...but a 5 game winning streak means that they'll be in).


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        But yeah. Not expecting they would go far in the playoffs. Would like to see them at least make a first round opponent uncomfortable, and have some positive takeaways for next year and beyond.


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          fingers crossed


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            ughhhh....I hate the positive patrol. Why can't you just let me be a disgruntled fan who throws logic and stats out the window in favor of just complaining that we're not 64-0-0?
            "When over a quarter of young adults are too fat to fight, we need to take notice," Barnett said. He noted that national security in the year 2030 is "absolutely dependent" on reversing child obesity rates