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GDT: Flyers @ Sabres

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Sabres

    7:30 ET

    Total trap game. Sabres can tie the flyers in points with a regulation win. Flyers need to play with the same intensity they took to Washington. That should be the new normal.

    For no apparent reason, I'm going to say the puck starts going in for them at last tonight and they win, 4-2.

    Popcorn, beer, etc.

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    The way things go, I am stunned they didn't wave off Weal's goal


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      Wow, loving Weal on this top line. He's making things happen.


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        we are using up our goal allotment for the month


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          That was fun.

          Yeah, our power play sucked, but nobody can stop our even strength scoring machine.

          Radko Gudas, +5 on the night and a super snipe.

          What would Fred do?


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            It.was the fan waving that distracted.the goalie


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              Konecny with the one on five snipe as well.

              That was fun to watch.

              Was getting a bit annoyed at how little effort it took the Sabres on the PP to tie the game up the first two times. AMac's own-goal deflection reminded me how much more often that used to happen to this team. Glad it is remarkably rare now.

              I'll give myself a +1 for calling the "puck starts going in for them" bit, but the clairvoyance was a little off. It was 4-2 at the end of the second, not the end of the game.

              Did anyone else hear JJ say one of the scratches was out with a "high anal sprain?" That's gotta hurt.

              Four point game against Toronto next. Could pull even with them in points...


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                Good catch, swami. That wasn't Hexy, was it?

                Here's another nice snipe. This time from Travis. Radko was probably giving him shooting tips between periods.

                I really enjoyed Weal's game tonight. That kid has gotten some good coaching at the AHL level. Nice energy driving the play north and looking to get himself, or the puck, to the crease. Old fashioned, but effective. Sure hope we don't coach it out of him.

                What would Fred do?


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                  If 40 can be the Weal deal...that Vinny trade last year will be even better than it already is.

                  Mason had a couple of nice saves...

                  He wasn't the reason we won yesterday...but sure looks to have given the team a spark of confidence (deja vu?).


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                    Went to the game last night and had an absolute blast. The team really looked great, even if it was the Sabres. Fun time.