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GDT: Flyers @ Maple Leafs

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    Say goodnight gracie!!


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      Tough one.

      I was watching the Leafs' feed and burst out laughing when they described the Flyers as a "big and heavy team." Maybe they were watching videos from the 90's.

      We dominated early (before Babcock got the the Leafs skating in the second period) but just couldn't finish a bunch of golden opportunities. Very frustrating. Makes me wonder what we're working on in practice. Seems like most rushes end up with a forward skating to the corner and then trying to feed a defender at the point instead of driving the net.

      Neuvy looked a bit shaky, but I don't see Mason stopping any of the three goals he gave up.

      Couts will be seeing Bozak's pick in his dreams (nightmares). Awful.

      G and Ghost had a lot of jump tonight. Jake? I'd really like to see him use his size to get to the slot more.

      I thought Provy had an off night. He was pushing hard, but made a number of uncharacteristic errors. His screen on the Marner goal didn't help. Good effort playing goalie when we had an empty net, though.

      Nylander makes a lot of rookie mistakes, but that power play goal, man what a shot.
      What would Fred do?


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        Some good effort, but too many self-inflicted injuries. Simmonds had a goal but he also had a ton of turnovers. Gost had a sweet goal and then coughed up the puck that went the other way into the empty net. Schenn was fighting it throughout the game too.

        Had to pick up the tab for friend's birthday dinner too.

        Today's score: Universe 2, me 0.

        Matinee game in Boston next up huh? Hmm.


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          and Boston is firing on all cylinders..and we never beat them anyway...Saturday could be ugly


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            Well then, they can't win. They're DOOMED!

            Someone else needs to do the GTD tomorrow, I'm gonna be out all day.


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              we need to solve some things on our pk. I think the last 3 goals were scored in the same way, a forward curling to the circle with zero pressure and making a great shot. You can't give nhl players that kind of time because they WILL pick a corner.


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                Originally posted by toothless joe View Post
                Say goodnight gracie!!
                Maybe weven gather next fri for an Irish wake for their playoff hopes.