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    only drawback is he's only 5'10". do we need another small forward?

    another kid i'd have my eye on is cody glass. ranked about same as tolvanen. seen him play here in portland and he's got all the skills. very heady player, he just lacks aggression. reminds me a ton of patrick sharp.


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      What is his size?


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        Glass is a pretty interesting prospect. Seems to have really turned it on recently and had a rapid rise from a "C" rated prospect by Central Scouting to an "A" (first round potential).

        6' 2" and still skinny, but room to grow. Here's a recent piece from the Hockey News:

        On the size issue, I agree that we need more of it. But Lindblom has it at 6' 2" and nearly 200 pounds and he's demonstrated, playing against men in Sweden, that he's not afraid to use it. We should see him soon with the big club. Maybe October?

        Sam should be up soon and Myers has size, too.

        Having Travis and another highly skilled winger, plus the bigger guys who are coming on line, could be a nice recipe for a strong team.
        What would Fred do?


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          I think size is important...but with first round picks, I think you really have to focus more on pure skills. If there is a guy with size that can shoot bullets, I'd say he'd be a no brainer target. But if that is not the case, then get the kid who can score at will.

          I have not started to read up on any of the kids. I only know about Hirscier, who I'd take if I had the #1 pick.


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            Ok, our draft position is lucky #13.

            Odds of picking first are 2.204%.

            If we don't snag the first pick, our chances of picking second will be between 2.224% and 2.686%, depending on which team won the first pick.

            Our chances of picking third will be between and 2.266% and 3.152%, again depending on who the top two teams are.

            Draft lottery expected to be April 29.

            The excitement is killing me.


            What would Fred do?


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              Make it so:


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                Not if it means the Devils get #1.

                Also what are the rules on determining how Vegas picks?


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                  Took me 30 tried for us to get 2nd overall.

                  Have fun boys:


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                    Ugghhhh ... I'm probably too old and too jaded, ... ... but what are the odds of picking 15th (e.g. 14 and 15 both win top-three spots)?


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                      Took me 8 times for us to pick first.
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