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    Originally posted by dogzus View Post
    I'll admit that more than a little bit I was hoping that would happen. Leafs are in though.

    Flyers will finish either 11 or 12 from the bottom. Bump them back in the draft one for LV. 12 or 13 overall.

    At least MotoGP season has started and I've got a bit of something to watch until hockey is back in October.
    If the Canes and Kings both win, with the Canes being in regulation, we can still pick 10th because the Canes have 1 more ROW than us.


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      Originally posted by evee1234 View Post
      We won 4 of 5 games when really we needed a higher draft pick lol. We are the Leaf's of five years ago. And we used to LAUGH at their late, meaningless, screw the draft picks, pushes lol. Sad times watching this sad sack group of players. Some bright spots but overall it should be gutted.
      Before the cap, they could just spend their way out of bad decisions--and into new ones--while being competitive every year. The cap has really exposed the Flyers' front office as clueless and behind the times. Question is are things getting better with Hextall or staying the same?
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        I think he is on the right track..he has drafted primarily on the Blueline and in net...exactly what he should have done...I HOPE that he now turns his attention to getting/drafting more offensive minded thing that this team is sorely lacking , especially on the power play is creativity...and puck handling skills...can't remember how many times we've seen a perfectly good pass bounce away from a player, or even a flubbed outlet pass that could have sprung an odd man rush...

        or heard Jim Jackson say "Flyers have numbers...if they hurry" (and it always seemed to not work)

        oh and SIZE...Weal and Travis K. are great players but they get pushed off the puck far too easily


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          Great play by ghost to keep it in and pass for the score. That bis where his talent shines for the future