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  • GDT: Flyers @ Pens


    Looks like we've reached the part of the season where people can't even get mad enough to complain here when the Flyers lose.

    I've been wrong about the first three predictions for this four game road trip. The Flyers have to win tonight to make it 0-4. Pens are probably out for revenge after losing last time, and also have seeding on the line. Top three teams in the Metro are top three in the east...

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    Yeah, there is no excitement, even though it is the Pens. Missed the game yesterday, funeral in CT, avoided the score and was going watch the replay. Fortunately accidentslly caught the score, and did not waste 2.5 hrs on it. ,that noted, the win a few weeks ago pretty much was the top highlight since the streak.


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      Either we win and hurt the Penguins seeding or we lose and improve our chance at a draft pick. I'd rather we win, but with the current draft seeding standards, it stings a bit less.


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        Stunning that the 2nd goal wasn't overturned


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          Silence of pens fans is sweet.


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            It's always fun to beat the Pens.

            The Flyers came out looking like an un-coached pond hockey team. But Weal (who's obviously been well-coached) flipped the switch, and the boys looked like a different team after his goal.

            Ghost had a lot of jump, which was good to see.
            What would Fred do?


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              That was satisfying. Cindy -2. G +2. Gost +3.

              Prediction was 3 points on this trip. They got 4 out of 8. If they'd had that kind of road performance all year, they'd be a playoff team.

              Winning all 7 remaining games would give them 92, which generally doesn't cut it. If they keep up the win-one-lose-one of late, they'll wind up with 84. Probably something like 10th-12th pick in the draft.

              Will they be streaming Phantoms playoff games?