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Flyers Sign Union's Vecchione

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    Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post

    How has he done this season in the AHL? While he was a 1st rounder and expectations are normally for 1st rounders to jump into a lineup and kind of make an impact within 3 seasons or so...i'd love to see him become a solid bottom 9 player who can bring a little bit of everything. I think we need to erase the fact that he was drafted in the 1st round and try to look at him as a regular prospect and let him be the player he is.
    From what I've read he's been playing well and killing a lot of penalties for the Phantoms.

    With his speed and PK ability, I'd give him a serious look in camp. The 4th line, and the PK, could use a lot of help.


    Just checked Scott's numbers and he leads LHV with a +16 and has 16 goals and 33 points, so far. He doesn't appear to be getting much PP time, but as mentioned above he's killing penalties and has three shorties.

    Yeah, a first round pick for a quick 4th liner and PK guy would be a drag, but after watching the Flyers this season they could use some competence in these roles.

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    What would Fred do?