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GDT: Flyers vs Devils

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    Refs shoulda let it go


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      Stolarz should a faked a hammy injury, they they would have had to let him in


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        That game...

        Re: Neuvirth. As someone who has had vasovagal syncope (aka fainting) a few times, I hope that's all he had.

        I had a weird one once and would up going to the ER. Was admitted to the hospital for the weekend. Their first concern was heart attack and they eliminated that first. I believe a blood test can spot signs of it quickly and reliably. Stroke was the next concern. That required lots of observation. They could probably have been more aggressive and done imaging. You don't have much time to intervene if a stroke happens before damage is irreparable, so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets an MRI. I just got to lay around and get shot with blood thinners every six hours. After three days they let me go.

        Dehydration was the primary instigator. I was training for a triathlon at the time and had been working out hard a lot. Body weight was as low as it had been in years. Found out this is pretty common amongst people who train for these events. You become vulnerable to classic syncope triggers as your body gets really lean. Since Neuvy is a pro athlete I'm hoping this is the case for him.

        So: Mason sick. Stolarz start tomorrow?

        Gudas concussion? Please tell me they don't just have Schultz start instead. Manning is the "big" d-man then?

        That major on Wiese for a slightly late hit, but a legit hockey hit, was pretty weak. The hit on Gudas was a real major, as it was just retaliation and not a hockey play at all. Calling them equivalent got my Irish up.


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          That was pretty scary. Glad Neuvy is feeling better.

          Sure hope Gudas is ok.

          The Flyers win, but our playoff chances drop to .1%. Well, no one can accuse us of being tankers.

          I know it's a small sample size, but Stolarz has a .951 save percentage and a 1.42 goals against average in his five games with the big club this season.

          From Bill M: "Semborski. who was not eligible to play under NHL rules unless Stolarz were to become incapacitated, was sent onto the ice by Hakstol in the final half minute. He was promptly escorted back off the ice, but not before receiving a big cheer from the crowd and waving."

          Good move Hak.
          What would Fred do?


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            Team is playing pretty well to end the season. Good to see them fighting to the end.


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              Time for a PSA; For who has not read this before, there is a way for anyone to diagnosis a stroke.

              1. Can the person raise both arms above their heads?
              2. Can they smile?
              3. Can they perform a basic math problem, like 13 times 3 equals.39.

              No to anyone of those and the stroke high.