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GDT: Flyers @ Rangers

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Rangers

    7:30 ET

    Meltzer projects Gudas to play today. Stolarz to start with Lyon as backup.

    At least it is not a matinee game. Never get a good feel from a matinee at the garden.

    Rangers have home ice advantage still on the line depending on how they finish out the season. They probably won't be as passive as NJ were last night.

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    I don't think league rules allow a day game, after a nightmgame, with travel. That wouldn't make sense. I also that being an issue when trying to reschedule snowed out games.


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      In a prior CBA, there was a scheduling clause that prohibited two game starts in less than 24 hours. I know that the limit is no longer an absolute 24 hours, but I think the number in the current CBA is close. (e.g. you could have a 5:00pm start follow by a 3:00pm, but not by a 1:00pm)
      (Also, I think CBA still inlcudes other limits too, such as no 3 games in 3 days, no 4 in 5, etc.)


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        dear god i hope gudas doesnt play. ytf would you put a vet at risk for further injury while also risking getting a lower pick #? silly.


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          So was it a facial injury (nose) or concussion, if the latter, is he in the protocal?


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            Well, at least the boys went down fighting.

            I give Manning props for courage, but his performance tonight wasn't close to NHL standards. And the turnovers from MacDonald, jeez.

            Provorov's play gave me hope. It'll be fun to watch him when he gets a high caliber partner.

            Our "first" line needs a lot of work. Few threats and a lot of passes to nowhere.

            Stolie gave up four, but actually had some nice saves against a better team. A lot of talk about his mistake in the second, but he bailed himself out on that one. The goal that came after was entirely on MacDonald.

            There's always next year.
            What would Fred do?


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              That passive last couple of minutes by the Rangers was unreal.

              AMac and Manning definitely stood out tonight in a bad way. The first NY goal was deflected just enough that Stolarz couldn't get all of it. The crew didn't comment on it but one view looked like A Mac tipped it out high. Overall Stolarz looked like he deserved better.

              Refs called some ticky tacky penalties both ways. The NY goal on the delayed penalty had Konecny yelling at the ref afterward that he was the one that had been interfered with.

              Even in the alternate reality where the D played a little better and Schenn's crossbar shot went in instead, the Flyers were not going to make the playoffs anyway. It's the summer cottage by the lake, or the golf course, or both, for the lot of them real soon now.