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  • Originally posted by Rev_Bully View Post
    Oh and Lynchmob...Holtby's career playoff numbers? 56 Games Played, 27W, 2.00 GAA and .933SV%...probably need to bring more than 2 goals a game to beat the Pens...just saying..
    Right...Holtby's playoff stats compare really well to're delusional. Trying throwing your fairy dust on that to make it real for all of us.


    • Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post

      Right...Holtby's playoff stats compare really well to're delusional. Trying throwing your fairy dust on that to make it real for all of us.
      Out of context...Snowflake...You should read the whole post before even trying....But here's a fun game...

      Goalie H
      4/27 L .857SV%
      4/29 L .786SV%
      5/01 W .933SV%
      5/03 L .833SV%

      Goalie B
      4/12 L .897SV%
      4/14 L .903SV%
      4/16 L .894SV%
      4/18 W .871SV%
      4/20 L .844SV%

      I wonder what those are....maybe it's fairy dust...
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      • Anth...the context starts with the original post...which clearly speaks to your boy friend's CAREER playoff stats. Anything out of context is coming from your side because its the only way you know how to make your point.

        I say Bob's a horrible playoff goalie and show stats to support this.

        You say his team is horrible and he's a victim of that (which makes NO sense when you look at his can't hid those numbers, no matter how many goals his team scores).

        I say his team needs him to be playing better when you consider the importance they place on him from a cap perspective.

        You say the cap is not in play in the playoffs (that logic means that your best players should be judged the same way as your 4th line scrubs). You add that there are other elite goalies who have shit their bed in the playoffs as well.

        I ask you to tell me who.

        You cry like a fairy and bring up stats of goalies who had a bad playoff performance in a season and include Niemi (dumb!),

        I tell you that you're comparing apples with oranges (career with season).

        You bring up Holtby's stats (again...from a season!).

        I call you out on throwing fairy dust on all of your arguments.

        You don't like fairy dust and show stats from individual games (we started with a CAREER take it to season and now game...WOW!).


        • So you haven't actually read anything I posted.

          The one time you tried to rebut you got caught selectively editing..

          You're claiming players get paid based on playoff performance which is absolutely wrong

          You want to compare playoff careers but only if it's a 13 start career compared to 20, 30 or 40 starts because a guy with literally two playoff years to discuss isn't worth going season for season with solely because it breaks your narrative

          End all of that with the fact that a guy with fantastic career playoff worse by the numbers against the pens than the same year...

          And you still don't get why your singular focus is completely misguided..

          Again...Schenn is better than McDavid because Schenn has more points. If you disagree your whole premise is ****ed. If you agree you're a moron. Fairy dust that...

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            • Originally posted by Hexy's Axe View Post

              Rinne's Career numbers:

              Regular season: 2.38 GAA, 917 SV%
              Playoffs : 2.35 GAA, 918 SV%
              Do his career playoff numbers excluding this year...


              • LOL @ Rev. This time i am really giving up trying to make sense of your distorted reality.

                Did you hear...we got the #2 pick in the draft!!! Please don't mess this reality up, Anth.


                • There's no distortion on my end...

                  Bob needs to do better.

                  Career number arguments for a guy who has literally played two series tell you absolutely nothing.

                  That simple. That straight forward.

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                  • Originally posted by Rev_Bully View Post

                    I love that game...had bronchitis, worked that day....passed out during the game and woke up just in time to see the goal...
                    Funny. My wife, who was just a girlfriend at the time, watched the 3 periods and 3 periods of overtime before passing out. So, i had a pretty lady in my lap and a flyers win 2 ot periods later. Good times!!


                    • One set of.bums down, one to go.