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    Originally posted by EDMFLYERSFAN
    People on here have no long term plan; Simmonds style of play will have his game deteriorate very quickly in a couple of years and then people will be clamouring to "Trade Him NOW!"...
    I've been preaching long term for the better part of a decade on here...truth is..

    There's no long term benefit to trading Giroux, especially not for Ovechkin..and given the unproven state of the Flyers young don't consider moving him for picks/prospects for another year.

    Meanwhile trading Wayne now is dumb, his cap hit is insanely friendly..he's the kind of guy you let walk in free agency or trade prior to July 1 of his UFA summer..

    You aren't going to get equal value for him now at the pinnacle of his career.

    If you want a long term view you look at trading Couturier who's not likely to generate much more offensively and is a defensive curiosity. And after you move Couturier you move Schenn.

    Long term has eclipsed guys like Giroux, Voracek and Simmonds.