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  • New Uniforms

    Jesus Christ.

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    I especially like the socks they got from the dollar store.


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      some are pretty crappy (looking at you Minnesota), but at least it's not a 100% overhaul like they tried with the RBK jerseys after the 2005 lockout.
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        Avalanche are the big winners of this. Carolina did well to bring back the Hurricane flags.

        Vegas, Devils, Predators, Capitals (stupid added stripe across the front) all missed the mark big time.

        Flyers is basically the same, which I'm happy with.


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          I really like the Vegas logo but those jerseys are blah.


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            So I had to look at a close up of Car. in order to see the flags in the hem, and I just noticed the laces in the collar. And a few other teams have laces in the collar as well ... but laces through holes in a sweater that doesn't have an open neck collar(?!?) Have they been doing that for a while now and I just never noticed?


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              I looked at the jerseys at since I can't access Twitter from work:


              The differences mostly look subtle. Not much change at all on the jerseys, other than the Wild with the striping across the middle. Not a big fan of that. The Vegas jerseys aren't bad.

              Do they show more on twitter?
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                Originally posted by dsl135 View Post

                Flyers is basically the same, which I'm happy with.
                We don't like change, and we like it that way.


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                  Not a jersey guy...but the Vegas ones are horrendous! What is going on with the stripes on their sleeve??


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                    Not crazy about the extra white in our sleeve, but glad its not a major change.

                    Nashvilles new one looks awful up close.
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