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  • The Weal Deal?

    So I've been reading quite a bit of social media these days and man do people have a thing for Weal.

    I'm not sure people realize Weal is 25, same age as Schenn and a year older than Couturier...with only 37 NHL games played.

    Weal apparently turned heads in stint with Philly from February to April...playing in 23 games...

    In that time he amassed 8 goals and a 12 points and took 28 Faceoffs, going 14 - 14.

    Maybe it's me, maybe I don't get it...but in the same span

    Couturier played 31 games, took 482 faceoffs and won 279, posted 6 goals and 21 points.

    Schenn played 31 games, took 86 faceoffs and won 39, posted 9 goals and 21 points.

    During the span, Couturier led team in ESP with 21, Schenn 2nd with 13, and Weal tied for third with Jake at 11.
    Couturier and Schenn tied for the lead in PPG during the span with .68

    Weal, Voracek and Simmonds tied for 5th with .52

    Now don't get me wrong, I like the potential that Weal presents (as much as any 25 year old can) but there's an undercurrent that Weal makes one of Couturier or Schenn expendable..and that's absolutely frightening to me...

    Scott Laughton can;t get that kind of love and he's a few years younger than Weal, Schenn and Couturier...

    at 20 he posted 2 goals and 6 points in 31 games...
    at 21 he posted 7 goals and 21 points in 71 games...
    at 22 he played 2 games for Philly and turned 23 in May.

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    I haven't noticed that undercurrent. If it's there, it's totally asinine.

    Some guys come around late and he's had unusually limited opportunity, but for anyone to think there's a real possibility he can replace either of those players is completely off the reservation.

    I have no problem resigning him and maybe over paying in relation to performance to date, but it's certainly not a travesty if he walks.
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      Not sure if you have been seeing people putting Weal on the same level as Schenn and Couturier...but I havenít seen that. I have seen people hoping that he signs...and nothing crazy in terms of numbers (2yrs at max $2m per yr).

      As for Laughton...sure looks like he'll be getting another chance. Good for sure looks like he worked his tail off in the minors to develop a complete game.


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        I agree with signing him, I agree with potentially "overpaying" based on small sample size...(2m seems fine)

        What I see a lot of is folks talking about moving one of Schenn or Couturier and slotting Weal into that spot in the lineup...(Move Schenn or Couturier, land Top Line Player X, slot Weal into Schenn/Couturier hole)

        There was definitely a wave of "Oh my god, why didn't they protect Weal" headed in to the XDraft that was a bit much for his performance to date and it seems to have spilled over

        Just weird...I know a lot of folks get a grass is greener fixation

        honestly...I'm comfortable trading one of Schenn or Couturier (maybe both)...but at this point I'd buy Nico/Nolan as their replacement before Weal..
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          I think fans get caught up in these little skilled guys because they always think you could be missing out on the next Steve Sullivan or Marty St.Louis. Both guys cast away by their prior clubs only to find success somewhere else...


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            I like Weal, but he hardly makes those two expendable.


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              Yeah, I haven't seen anything in the way of people thinking Weal makes Schenn/Couturier expendable. There are people who want to trade one or both of them, but not because of Weal (I'm not one of them).

              I said the other day I like Weal and he has some upside, but at this point is value is somewhere around $1.5M per season for two years. You want to go $2M, I wouldn't complain about that. Anything more and you're really pushing it.
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                I dont think Weal's value is based too much on 'potential'. Last season at the NHL level he was fast, hard to take the puck from, creative in the offensive zone, diligent on the backcheck, and opportunistic in his goal scoring. Yes, can he do it for a whole season? Maybe not. Or maybe he'll get even better. I dunno what happened before in his career, but the point is I trust my eyes when he was playing meaningful games against NHL players.

                I think any fan is right to be excited about him, since his scoring was totally unexpected. And the fact that when we look back on the trade it might be deadweight vinnie, nothingness schenn for a pick and a 20-20 winger... thats the kind of thing that makes us feel good

                If Weal was already signed I think the Flyers would have protected him. Hexy played it well.