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    Originally posted by Rev_Bully View Post
    I'm kinda wondering...have any of you seen a win now move from Hextall?

    IMO Hextall is looking long view while fans are thinking the cup run starts now....
    Nnnnnnnnnope ! and Yep. Should be obvious since he's been here that the Ronster is doing a slow Hinkie............


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      Originally posted by Rev_Bully View Post
      A year or two from now..and Frost could be the new Coots...going by what folks have to say about his Hockey Smarts and Vision...
      I've been thinking of some of the same things as were stated in your opening topic, but I see it a little differently....

      What if...Hextall is starting to think about the wave of players after the next.

      Konecny, Lindblom, Weal, Laughton, Leier, Aubel-Kubel, Rubstov... are the next wave. They will augment the remainder of the current (G, Simmons, Jake...)

      I'm thinking that maybe he's building the wave after that... the one where G has moved on... the more I see Frost highlights... the more I think he reminds me of Giroux. But not for another 3 years.

      I don't know... maybe I'm crazy... I mean, we haven't even finished with the next wave. How can we start with the one after that?


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        If Hextall wanted to put all his eggs in the future basket he'd trade one of the the big 3. I think he's trying to maintain some kind of balance (and very arguably having a competing team will help young ages develop)
        "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


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          Originally posted by ELab2 View Post
          If Hextall wanted to put all his eggs in the future basket he'd trade one of the the big 3. I think he's trying to maintain some kind of balance (and very arguably having a competing team will help young ages develop)
          No I don't think he's putting all of his eggs in the future basket. I think he's building a long term pipeline.


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            I think for what couts already provides he is correctly paid. Every year he scores 35-40 points all 5v5 and has top-notch defensive awareness that impacts games. His deal gives up all his prime for a little bit more per year than market value. (3.5 maybe?) If his offense does develop he might win a selke. Anybody should be traded for a good haul, but not sure why we'd trade guys just to trade them. He'll be 27 in 3 years.

            I still maintain that its Giroux/Voracek with too much cap tied up in what will become declining production. They still have great value NOW so flip them. Simmonds deal is amazing... but also thats why we could get some REAL blue chip assets in return. And we will have to resign him at 30yo and pay him very well just to see his scoring decline. Just like T J Oshie!

            This is the core philosophical question i suppose. Do you keep your peaking/past-peak forwards and hope they can maintain their skills long enough for the kids to come into their own?


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              Oh and on the "bank" issue.... we have plenty of cap space so we're using our cap space as an asset. Good GM'ing.


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                I don't care about the second wave, third wave or fourth wave, i just want this team to win 1 cup, you all sound like this team won't win a cup until I'm 100 years old lol

                Sorry guys but it hurts to see crosby with 3 cups, i just hope they win soon(2-3 years)


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                  Well we don't have the benefit of a bullshit league and their biased officials handing us a Cup like they did Crosby. All three of his Cups are tainted by bullshit officiating. Non calls, bad calls and of course the 7 straight penalties against AO and the Caps when Bettman just had to have the "youngest" captain in League history. So glad Toews took that accolade away.
                  Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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                    Last season the Flyers had two guys who didn't seem to be on the page with Hextall and Hakstol-Mason and Schenn. The exit comments made by Mason clearly showed that he didn't appreciate the way that he was handled with his past year. The same went for Schenn. He wanted to play center. Now they're both gone. What I interpret out of these moves is that Hextall is firmly supporting his coach. Players like PEB who played and did what they were asked to do were rewarded. The line is out there for the players: get in line with Hakstol's coaching or else.
                    "I admire the exagerrated way that you tell the truth."- Arthur Balfour


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                      I like Couturier but my biggest issue with him is that he hasn't even filled into his size and seems to be injured a lot.

                      I don't have stats in front of me, but I can't help but feel like he hasn't improved that much since his great rookie season.