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Should the Flyers offer-sheet Leon Draisaitl?

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    Originally posted by CLJ View Post
    6 of the last 9 cups have won by Pittsburgh or Chicago... They have each been able to make the cap work and retool on the fly.
    It's a good point, but at the same time, neither of those teams won a single Cup with two guys making $21m. And both of them won at least one of their Cups with some of these top guys on their entry level deals.

    To be fair, during their Cup years:
    2008-09: Crosby/Malkin ($9.68m, 17% of the cap)
    2009-10: Kane/Toews ($1.75m, 3% of the cap)
    2012-13: Kane/Toews ($12.6m, 18% of the cap)
    2014-15: Kane/Toews ($12.6m, 18% of the cap)
    2015-16: Crosby/Malkin ($18.2m, 25% of the cap)
    2016-17: Crosby/Malkin ($18.2m, 25% of the cap)

    Now the Oilers...
    2018-19: McDavid/Draisatl ($21m, 28% of the current cap)

    So it's not impossible by any means, but those teams aren't necessarily as comparable as you might think, considering Pittsburgh had homegrown stars in goal and on defense as well, and Edmonton doesn't have that to help along the process.