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So .... how's everyone's summer going?

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  • So .... how's everyone's summer going?

    Y'all like the 2 Game of Thrones episodes from season 7?
    Any good fishing stories?

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    Great for me. Just got back from a week in Breckenridge Colorado. Was wearing a Flyers shirt and one of the workers came up to me immediately and identified himself as a Flyer fan too. We talked hockey for about 45 minutes. I don't see fans of other teams seek out their brethren like Flyers fans. It's like being part of a brotherhood.


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      Pretty good summer so far, nothing too exciting. Still trying to figure out something to do for a vacation, but my daughter is starting college at Towson (near Baltimore) next month so we're kind of preoccupied with that.

      Glad to have Game of Thrones back after a long wait. The beginning of the first episode was absolutely awesome. Gotta love Arya! And Sam is winning the "grossest scenes on TV" award. LOL. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out now that the pieces are in place. Of course, I have to wonder just how slow the White Walkers march. It's taking them forever to get here.

      Playing the NHL18 beta on PS4 the last couple of days. I like some of the new additions, like the defensive skill stick and the 3's game mode. Actually, 3's is an absolute blast! Arcade style action with your favorite NHL teams.

      And of course, I keep playing in my men's ice hockey league. That never stops!
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        Pretty busy year that has bled into summer .. got engaged in February .. and I'm being dragged kicking and screaming into wedding planning -- most of it is done.

        Daughter is going to Truman (in Missouri) although if the Financial Aid dept keeps going the way they are going she is going to decline. Got caught in a bait and switch where we were paying like $6k for the year and the rest was taken care of -- my ex called to see about getting more help and now were paying $12k a semester and the rest is taken care of.

        I've been trying to buy a house and through various snaffu's we have lost out on 2 and right now it looks like we might miss out on a lakeside property we were going to get as a camp.

        The actual busy part has been business-wise. I partially own a software development company on PEI and I have my consulting business, which is busy from time to time and my partner in PEI and some guys we have worked with on a few gigs the past two years formed a company here in the US. Were launching a few products here soon for retailers, fleet mgmt and for owners of spas, drs offices, etc. The products are done and in various stages of delivery were hoping to land investments on a couple of them -- which is slow moving.


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          So no one is watching the Phillies?!?!
          NFL camps opening now.
          Summer is good. Weather has been good. Read a few good books Hillbilly elegy and one about this dog musher in Norway. Can't wait for Winter.


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            Originally posted by Mike Barr View Post
            I have to wonder just how slow the White Walkers march. It's taking them forever to get here.
            I hear Brad Marsh and Mike Rathje are White Walkers.


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              Well, for the second time in a row (2-for-2 in February & July attempts) I was unable to even get into the room to attempt to take the Bar Exam in NJ ... at this point, I think my motto is just "F*** NJ!" and I'm going to just go take the exam in NY
              (background: I'd waited until NJ switched to a Uniform Bar Exam in February that would be good for multiple states including NY, but since NJ keeps not letting me in to even do the exam, I am just going to travel to another Uniform state and then send my score back to NJ)


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                Work is chaos. My team is swamped.with high priority stuff. And then we got word that we will be moved under a different dept in terms of upper management and moved to a new location. I've been at the same location since.89, and am not too thrilled to move. I currently have a pretty good sized corner spot overlooking the delaware.

                I completed the sale of my parents vacation home, so it means we sold both of their homes in 7 months. Tons of clear out and work was done.

                Best news/rumor of the summer is that I heard from two good sources that the Phila.Wings will be back in 2019, and that the building may well be the ownership.


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                  did a 6000 mile trip to Moab Utah and back on the to see 'Merica..and lots of Trump-bots


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                    summer huh? I'm poor, divorced, only see my son 4 days a month, actually managed to accrue negative 27 hours in vacation, and the humidity in South Central PA has been especially bad this summer.

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