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Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews and a 3rd To Bills For CB Ronald Darby

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  • Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews and a 3rd To Bills For CB Ronald Darby

    Adam Caplan‏Verified account @caplannfl
    The Bills have acquired WR Jordan Matthews & the Eagles 2018 third round pick in exchange for CB Ronald Darby.
    Ronald Darby,
    5-11, 190, 4.38 40, willingness to tackle, this will be his 3rd year playing -- some see him as an up and coming player.

    2015 started 15 of 15 games was PFF Defensive Rookie of Year.
    2016 started 14 of 14 games missed two with injuries (hamstring and concussion)

    From his Draft profile since he's not too far removed from his draft class.

    Former high school track star with "world-class speed." Can change directions suddenly with few false steps. Has requisite body control to handle the strain of press-man coverage. Easy swivel to his hips with ability to open, run and hit top speed quickly. Plays with instincts and awareness. Ready to come off his man to overlap and contest a catch or make a tackle. Digests combo routes and helps teammates lineup before snap. Recognizes route development and makes early break on throws. Ball-tracker with excellent timing to high-point and disrupt the catch. Lack of on-ball production tied to quarterbacks avoiding him. Technically proficient with hand usage in press and maintains feel for receiver. Constricts throwing windows in zone coverage. Steps downhill and attacks against the run.
    Susceptible to inside releases, with feet stuttering before transitioning to close distance on loose receiver. Like teammate P.J. Williams, he must learn to play without so much grabbing downfield. Needs improvement with back to ball. Anxious to stay on top of route from press and opens door for comebacks underneath. Will occasionally lose track of his man in scramble situations. Not a hitter. Scouts question his toughness. Will get muscled by bigger receivers. Ducks head as tackler and prefers to hit with helmet over wrapping up against running backs. Will lose interceptions to his below-average hands. Reportedly refused to testify during Jameis Winston's FSU code-of-conduct hearing, which stemmed from a sexual assault accusation against Winston. Darby witnessed the encounter between Winston and the accuser. Darby was cleared of wrongdoing in the incident by an FSU hearing panel.
    Round 2 or 3
    "I worry about his toughness against the run. He's just fine in coverage, but he will have teams running at him every chance they get until he proves he's willing to step up and be tough." -- ACC assistant coach
    Johnathan Joseph
    Cover corner with average size and outstanding speed. Has shown the instincts to play off coverage and the athleticism to play press. It is a bit of a concern that scouts and even opposing coaches have commented on Darby's toughness, but he doesn't have very many missed or broken tackles on his docket and his cover skills should be prioritized over his run support regardless. He clearly has starter's ability at the position.

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    Outstanding, glad to see Mathews go, but wish the didn't have give a pick. Amusing that they face each other next week in preseason.


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      People expecting the Birds to make some kind of push couldn't be serious with the shape they were in at corner. I'm sure this guy likely helps. It appeared Jordan was going to be let go at season's end anyway........good to get some value where/when they can. Issue is now the hole in the center of next year's player selection meeting........but they have some time to work on that.


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        Aghalor stepping in to play slot-WR will be interesting. It sounds like he did a good job during practice...but really hoping he can step up during the season.


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          The trade was basically a 3rd for Darby and Matthews was a throw in. Darby becomes the best corner we have, not saying much, but he would be a #1 or solid #2 on most teams. That being said its a shame to loose Matthews, by all accounts he was a great locker room guy and guys on both sides of the ball liked him, but he wasnt going to resign here and was made expendable by the arrival of Mack Hollins and the POSSIBLE resurgence of Aghalor


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            Marcus Johnson has also shown a lot of promise.