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#88 to be retired by the Flyers

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  • #88 to be retired by the Flyers

    This is probably not a big surprise, but the Flyers have confirmed that they will retire Eric Lindros' #88 in January.

    I'm not the biggest Lindros fan, but i remember the feeling i had when he joined the Flyers. He took a team that was sluggish for a few years and carried them to respectability and then to become a real Cup threat. I remember how dominant he was as an 18yr old boy...every time he hit the ice, it looked like the Flyers had an extra skater on the ice. And when he got the puck and steam rolled over into the offensive zone and fired a slap was like a cannon blast. When he showed aggression on the better hope you weren't on the other side (be it taking a hit or taking a punch).

    The NHL got it right inducting him into the HoF. The Flyers have it right in retiring 88.

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    Well deserved and overdue. I am elated. In his day, he did it all. In my eyes he was a modern day Gordie Howe.


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      It was a given once he made the HOF.


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        I guess they picked a Leafs game since he played for them too, a tues. Think ticket sales. If it were a.weekend games Leafs fans would travel and they may have sold out with no promo.


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          well deserved...should be a huge night


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            as lynch said, not really much of a surprise.

            Still glad it's happening sooner than later though
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              about time, well deserved


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                  Awesome news

                  watching him play his career time in Philly was just awesome

                  saw many of those games in person

                  fill the rafters
                  ..."Hextall scored a goal in the empty net, and I don't know how he did it!!!!"


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                    God I miss having a bonafide difference maker like him on the team.