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OT: Comcast buying lacrosse team

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  • OT: Comcast buying lacrosse team

    It will be announcedon Thurs that Comcast Spectcor is bringing the NLL back to Philly in 2019.. the previous owners moved the team to CT 4 years ago and cheged the name , logo, etc. They may still own the logo name and history. all things are negotiable though! Look at the Cleveland Browns. The team will almost certainly be an.expansion, not a relocation.

    The teams play a.20 game.season now. The specific need for content.on their streaming services is behind this. They paid $5 for the franchise.

    welcome back in advance!

    I wonder.what this could mean for the Soul? Flyers and.Sixers drawing well. A third tennant owned by the building will.get the preferencial time slots.
    Ine.of the problems with the that they were.getting Sun 2 or 5pm time slots. I think there will be 1 or 3 pm Flyers games. It is a quick.changeover.

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    One week after announcing team 15 months away, and with one email, they have already sold over 1000 season tickets.looks like they will retain the Wings name.