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GDT - NYI @ PHI Rookie Game

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    Originally posted by phillymac14 View Post
    First game after only a couple of days of rookie camp ... not even close to the time to start getting worried about anyone.
    Just for clarity on my end, I'm not even making short term negative judgments based on what I saw. One game, with new linemates, no system and only a couple of days of camp is a recipe for a lot of bad play,

    I'm also sure that guys like Morin, Patrick, and Lindblom, while they all played hard, are playing to avoid injury before real camp starts because they know their real battle isn't for a contract or an AHL spot but for a spot on the final roster.
    "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


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      Fans have been overhyping these defencemen of years now. I find it hard to believe that they will all live up to the lofty expectations people have put on them. I am sure one or two may make the roster and do well, but not the entire bunch and feel there will be some disappointment. If they all go bust, I don't see the coach or GM around for more than another year or two.


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        Originally posted by M13 View Post
        ok..i think i missed him..who is this guy? Maksim Sushko
        107th pick this year. Plays for Owen Sound. He's from Belarus. I don't know much else lol.