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GDT: Flyers @ Sharks..Opening Night!!!!

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    Manning was bad. As for Elliot he had a few shaky moments in the game were he made some gaffs. The 3 goals on him though he had no chance. The first was an amazing hand eye, the second a huge blast that was screened and the last bounced off MacDonald's skate and in. God was fun watching TK last night. He can fly so f'ing fast and creates some amazing separation. Too bad that breakaway he hit the wrong side of the post!


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      Originally posted by phillymac14 View Post

      Winning line up or not ... how can you watch Manning play and keep in the lineup over Morin or Sanheim. The Flyers won but Manning was awful.
      I agree 100%. I'd also play Lehtera over Weise, who didn't do much positive during the game (I thought he brought his line down, actually) and handed San Jose their second goal with an awful blind clearing attempt.

      As far as Elliott, he did look shaky at times but seemed to get more comfortable as the game went on. Some communications issues that will most likely clear up as he plays more games with the team. None of the goals were soft.
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        Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post

        He was scratched yesterday. I'm assuming Hakstol won't mess with a winning lineup in today's game, which really sucks for Morin & Sanheim.

        Question for anyone who watched the did Elliott look?
        He started off shaky but for sure settled in as the game went on. He got some lucky bounces that didn't go in, but made some real solid stops in the 2nd to keep us in it. I didn't see the third period live.

        The first goal was a lucky bat out of the air after a really crisp setup by the Sharks. The second goal was a quick shot off a bad turnover an a screen. I wouldn't put that one on him. The third, watching the replay, is the only one I'd say he should've stopped.

        Not sure if they'll start him back to back, but I'd give him a shot to see if he carries the momentum.


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          If I were Hakstol, I wouldn't make any changes to the forward line combinations right now. Only change I'd make is to play Morin and sit Manning.


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            Courtesy of SoP, here are some GIFs from yesterday's game:

            TK's breakaway off the post

            Solid save by Elliott.

            Weise with a great clear...sad.

            Until Couts learns that he needs to bury chances like this, he'll be an easy target for people criticizing his "offensive" abilities.

            Another nice save by Moose (or is it The Moose?).

            We shouldn't forget the good things that Couts does do regularly.

            Read a lot of praise for the "4th" line. We deserve to have a 4th line to be proud of.

            Patrick with a great pass here.

            One win (when was the last time we started 2-0 in a season?).


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              Great clips, highlights some of the things I was saying. Man, with the 2-way talent on this team why the hell is Weise killing penalties?


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                Just another reason that I hope by mid season Lehtera is consistently dressing in favor of Weise. Lehtera has killed penalties in past seasons. I'm also not liking that Simmonds is still being used on the PK. Rather save his minutes for ES and PP. Even if Hak wants more than 2 sets of forwards, there are enough competent pk people to be able to save simmonds from those hard minutes. Laughton, Leier, Couturier, Raffl, Lehtera, Filp could be 6 pk forwards. Filp killed penalties all of his seasons in Tampa.
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                  Originally posted by IceHokie View Post

                  The third, watching the replay, is the only one I'd say he should've stopped.
                  The third was the one that went off of MacDonald's skate in front...he had no chance on that. Bad skate positioning by the defenseman, but it happens from time to time. Bad luck.
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                    Ah ok I missed that then. I'll use the excuse of I was watching it on my phone on the can.

                    Stupid MacDonald.


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                      Thanks for the update on Lehtera, I was thinkinhg injury. I guess I saw a different Wiese than most of you, that's ok though, it's early in the season. The key to the whole thing is how consistent are we?