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  • Food for thought (The Process)

    I've been pondering this for a few hours, not sure what if anything is there...but curious for opinions...

    In 2016-17:

    The Toronto Maple Leafs finished 14th with 40 wins and 95 points, and the second wild card in the East. They played 6 Playoff games.

    The Philadelphia Flyers finished 19th with 39 wins and 88 points, they DNQd for the playoffs and landed he 2nd overall pick.

    How much better are the Maple Leafs for those 6 playoff games? Would finishing with 6 fewer points and landing Nolan Patrick had been a better end result for their 2016-17 season?

    The Washington Caps won the presidents trophy and again underachieved in the playoffs. The 16th ranked Predators made it to the Finals? Can both 'playing to win' and 'just make the playoffs' exist in the same breath? In the same organizational credo?

    Because what tends to happen in Philly is we here early that the team is built to 'try and win games" that's the reason for being squeamish on youth...and then in February it shifts to needing to rely on vets to 'just try and get in" because anything can happen..problem of course one is confusing the Flyers roster for the LA Kings or the Predators of recent cinderella runs

    Like wise, Chicago, Columbus, Minnesota three more of the top 5 teams last year...failed to deliver a meaningful playoff performance..

    Is there a benefit to chasing wins? Is there a benefit to the "anything can happen" idea of scraping into the playoffs? Did the Flyers not prove that literally anything can hppen by taking home the #2 pick? Would they have been better served limping into the playoffs instead of landing Patrick?

    If the justification for playing borderline vets is the idea that 'wins matter' why doesn't it materialize for the Caps? the Sharks? the Blues?

    What matters, is putting your best players on the ice and letting them play. Letting them learn. And making the best of the end result.

    I'm betting there are 14 teams that made the playoffs last year that would have been just as happy to finish 19th and land Nolan Patrick....the Pens and Preds excluded...because losing in the finals for the Preds was a huge step forward for hockey in a nontraditional market..and because...Pittsburgh won a 5th cup...

    ...does anyone think the current Flyers front office would have trusted Matt Murray the way the Pens have?

    Like I said this is a bit of a looking for thoughts and opinions...
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    interesting rant Rev. My question would be, 'How would Hexy respond to this sort of thought process', in your opinion?
    Ultimately, this guy is the decision maker. Will he start making adjustments? Is Hakstol an experiment?
    things are continually changing in sports; Hockey. Are these guys open to new points of view?


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      I fervently believe that if you have a good youth movement with the chance to develop into a powerhouse in a few years, and your current roster isn't very likely capable of competing for the cup, your choice should all be based on improving your odds of being a powerhouse in a few years. That doesn't mean tanking, but it does mean personnel decisions should be made purely on development considerations. I'd really like to think that AMac is dressed because Hak and Hex think it's better for Morin and Sanheim's development. But I don't think that's really the case.
      "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


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        I just think they're trying to walk a fine line between "competing" to the point the fans don't think they're quitting on the year out of the gate and treading water until the financials subside to a level where their kids can ripen and they bring them up en masse. I don't believe they really want to "live with their mistakes."


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          Sanheim expected to play tonight. Morin out.

          Org is dumb if this is true.

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            Maybe it has more to do with Sanheim shaking off the jitters. Isn't there one more road game coming up out here? Arizona?


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              Originally posted by toothless joe View Post
              Maybe it has more to do with Sanheim shaking off the jitters. Isn't there one more road game coming up out here? Arizona?
              We go to Scottie H's new old home, Nashville.


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                its weird to have 8 still isnt it? ghost is fine.

                I'd like to see sanheim get 10 games in a row. then re-evaluate.


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                  Anybody watching the leafs rangers game?
                  holy shit!! The leafs are for real lundqvist getting lit up.


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                    Originally posted by toothless joe View Post
                    Maybe it has more to do with Sanheim shaking off the jitters. Isn't there one more road game coming up out here? Arizona?
                    So Sanheim shakes off the jitters, has a good game..and then you bench him to play Morin?

                    That would be worse...IMO