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    I just watched the replay of the goals the Preds scored. The 2nd one (Hartnell's 1st) was a bad goal for the horrible rebound and the inability to stop a shot that could be seen coming from far. The other bad goal was the game winner. Its a 5-on-3 goal, so Elliott was kind of left out to hang in that situation, but he is so deep in the net and goes to one knee, leaving a big opening that most NHL players would hit 80% of the time. But seeing that this was a 5-3 for an extended period, its tough to blame the goalie, who likely is feeling tired/stressed by all the lateral movement required in this situation.

    This being said, i don't think you can "blame" Elliott for the loss. and i'm taking the results as one to build off of and learn from. Good teams don't put themselves in the position the Flyers found themselves in early in the second and late in the third. This is what this team needs to learn from and get better at.
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      The double minor was BS, the first penalty was legit, but they were nitpicking on the second one IMHO


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        I thought Elliott was meh...a couple of decent saves, but also a couple of bad goals (looks really deep in the net)

        TK's goal was sick...that shot...

        Patrick's 1st goal - must be a ton of his shoulders

        D was soft

        Hak's challenge was just stupid

        Overall, team is more entertaining than last year.


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          "Weise was stupid -- you know you've had 5 power plays to the opposition's 1 so the officials are going to call something if given the chance. That's just the way it is. Could you have called offsetting minors, giving the defenseman interference as well? Sure. But Weise grabbed the guy around the head as he jumped through and essentially bulldogged him to the ice. That's what was called -- holding. If he doesn't grab the guy there's no call"

          10 seconds before the Weise penalty I said out loud to my son, "what the heck is Weise doing on the ice. Get him off!". Then the penalty.I at first thought it was B.S., but when he grabbed the guy around the head, he essentially let the ref call it. I'd have to watch again, but I also thought that the Pred player stepped on MacDonald's stick.

          Overall, after the initial onslaught, it was an exciting game with the Flyers dominating on the road against a top-3 favorite for the Cup on their opening night. Much encouraged.


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            Thought about it a lot today.

            That call by Hak to challenge that offside on that goal was abysmal. It’s inexcusable at this level IMO.

            You’re tied on the road end of a difficult road trip. Your PK just got a rest. 1.5 minutes left? Try and kill it off, and get to OT with a single point and who knows what happens.

            Instead, they are wrong, and no replays I saw where really it was close to call, they go down 5 on 3 again, and of course the gwg is scored.

            Hak was embarrassing in the post game presser also I would say.

            He should’ve owned up to it ... “I ****ed up”

            Plain and simple

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              Konecny is F'n awesome...

              Travis Konecny is proving to be the catalyst for the Flyers
              Philadelphia Flyers #1
              Winnipeg Jets a very distant #2
              The rest of the 29 teams can KMA!


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                Flyers v Preds, part II

                Neuvirth deserved better, just like in LA. He should be 3-0 now, based on his play, not 1-2.

                MacD forgot he plays D again, on the sequence that started the goal against.

                Bummer that Weal was out. He was playing well and might have been enough to tip the balance tonight.

                I didn't drink any beer while watching the game tonight, and the Flyers didn't score. Maybe there was some cause and effect there. Will have to correct that next time. Two plus periods of beerless 0-0 hockey seemed to take a VERY long time.


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                  amac double standard strikes again! he's supposed to jump up there, a forward needs to cover for him. not sure if he bobbled the puck or it jumped on him.


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                    Originally posted by clumsysnake View Post
                    amac double standard strikes again! he's supposed to jump up there, a forward needs to cover for him. not sure if he bobbled the puck or it jumped on him.
                    Hak will hold AMac accountable for that mistake...He will scratch Sanheim against the Oilers to send a clear message....LOL


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                      That was actually a set play in which MacD is suppose to jump up in the play. That was more on Simmer than MacD.