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GDT: Home Opener, Caps at Flyers

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    good game...lets hope there is no scoring hangover on Tuesday


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      Nice home opener. Everybody scores-Woo Hoo !


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        Originally posted by KeVoRkIaN View Post
        Why the hell are they being introduced in the home opener with a karaoke version of Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me" playing??? Who is running the promotions department Riki Rachtman?
        I caught that, but the sound was all bass, and the vocals were hard to hear. I am sure it was the choice of the guest DJ they kept showing on screen.

        on another note, very nice anthem with Laura backed by an on ice grand piano and backup singers.

        Cracks me up when the crowd chants U S A, when the team is: American, Canadian, Finnish, Swiss, Russian, Czech, austrian, and Swedish.


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          Originally posted by FLexible FLyer View Post
          Nice home opener. Everybody scores-Woo Hoo !
          You get a pair, you get a pair, and you get a pair!

          With 2 of those guys being 2 of the most maligned players.
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            Originally posted by swflyers8 View Post
            Wow, what a game. Where was Ovy? Know what time it is? 8 Past Grubauer!
            He had several blasts that just missed, and I love that last line!


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              I really liked the changes to the building upstairs. They completely redid the area at the top of the 11st escalator, assume the same was done on the other side. The Chickee' s and Pete's island was removed along with the hoops shooting games. Concessions were moved to the outside wall, and the completely openned up the inside concessions. Redid the floors too. Looks like a new place. STH lounge is the old Holts club, with a bunch of big screens and a pool table.


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                One last note, home opener intros and an Assistant captain gets booed... how often does that happen?


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                  Just finished watching the game ... wow .... thatís all I can say.

                  When was the last time we had a fourth line that can okay like that!?

                  I know a lot can be blamed on: backup goalie, injuries, back to back for caps, well rested flyers, and caps playing that rookie #22 on defense tonight ... lol ... but shit happens ... itís the NHL.

                  Mustíve been a great game to witness live in the barn ... Iím so jealous of you guys who can go to games regularly ... Iíve only been to two in Philly in my life and they were last year!

                  Go Flyers

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                    That was a fun game to watch. Even JJ, Bundy and Jones were cracking me up.

                    Couts +4. Elite!
                    Ovechkin -4. Bury him in the AHL!

                    It was nice to see both Jake and Giroux look like their 2015-16 incarnations again.

                    Manning had a decent game. I wonder if they keep him in because of it. That certainly didn't look like a big tough Caps team that would have been too much for Sanheim.


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                      Originally posted by dogzus View Post
                      ... Manning had a decent game. I wonder if they keep him in because of it. That certainly didn't look like a big tough Caps team that would have been too much for Sanheim.
                      Shame..... This should have been Morin's 1st game or another game of experience for Sanheim and I was on board with Manning playing tonight.
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