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GDT 10/17/2017: Flyers vs Panthers

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      What a game by the Flyers.

      I actually turned it off in the third period as I figured the game was in the bag and I was tired so wanted to get to bed early.

      Hopefully Simmonds isnít seriously hurt... got him in my pool ya know

      Glad to see the ginger line dominating this year ... good thinking by Hak to move G to the wing ... seems to be working.

      More impressed with Patrick... heís got great vision and creativity with the puck for sure ... still gotta work on that skating .

      Big rematch with NAS on Thursday ... Josi is back for the Preds and they are rolling .

      Anyone else wish the Flyers played every day? Hate these off days, canít say I ever said that last year.

      Keep it up boys

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        Trying not to get too excited. Trying to get just the right amount of excited, actually. The last few games have been fun. They can't do this all season and I had to remind myself to enjoy it now, savor the sweet taste of victory beer, to counter the inevitable grumpy mood to come when they hit rough spots.

        One thing that struck me last year was that G never had any space. Now that he's over on wing, Couts is just cruising around deep in the zone with no one within stick length of him most of the time it seems. It'll be interesting to see how teams try and adjust.


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          Beautiful pass by Patrick.... That line is very fun to watch, even with Weise there.
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            Originally posted by toothless joe View Post
            Is Couts a power forward?
            You should start a thread to see what people think