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GDT oilers v flyers

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  • GDT oilers v flyers

    I hate afternoon games ...

    It will be next to impossible for me to watch this game until 10pm tonight and Iím guessing I will have heard the score by then unless I basically stay off of my phone until then!

    Hate these bloody afternoon games!

    Sounds like Elliot is starting unfortunately and that Leier, Wayne Train and Weal are game time decisions.

    Enjoy watching McD... IMHO he will eclipse Sid the bebeís point totals in a career provided that the Oilers can build a solid nucleus around him.

    Saw his first OHL game live in St Catharines versus the IceDogs when he was 15. He played on the first line and first unit PP. you could tell right then that he was something special.

    Hands down the best player and skater Iíve ever seen play in the OHL In the past eleven years.

    Go flyers!

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    Philadelphia Flyers #1
    Winnipeg Jets a very distant #2
    The rest of the 29 teams can KMA!


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      Another hard fought close game but we manage to win this one. Hockey gods give us one back.

      Loving the energy of this team. We dominated the 1st but EDM was all over us in the 2nd. 3rd was pretty even and we get the great push for the goal late in the 3rd. I'll take it. Would've had even more energy if Weal and Leier were in.

      Wondering if we should have Read on Flip and Simmer's line instead of Lehtera, but hey a win's a win.


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        For good reason, everyone is talking about the team speed. Funny it reminds me of the "Sabrespeed" threads from a decade ago.


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