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  • Flyers Trade Rumors (Eklund)

    Just to mix things up.

    Flyers interested in Galchenyuk. Habs interested in Sanheim (or, likely, any defenseman under 35 with a pulse).

    Edmonton interested in Morin, Sanheim, and Ghost. Flyers have zero interest in trading Ghost.

    My take, Galchenyuk is too much of a risk and too expensive. I see what the Flyers young forwards are doing and how their prospects are doing, and I see no reason to take a substantial risk on another young forward especially at the expense of one of our forward prospects.

    Edmonton is a little more interesting re Sanheim and Morin, but I don't see the level of young prospects I'd want in return for either Morin or Sanheim. Puljujarvi seems somewhat like a big risk at this point, Yamamoto a little bit too much of the same
    "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."

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    why? why even post this? Edmonton has interest in Morin, Sanheim, Ghost? What team in the NHL wouldn't have interest? I get that you're just posting this to see what people out there think of the 'possibility' of these rumors. This is not an indictment of you Elab (you have always contributed very good posts and replies), I just hate the fact that anyone actually gives any sort of publicity to Eklund. The guy is a total fraud. He's never right, and always throws out whatever he thinks is the most headline grabbing BS he can think up.

    (edit) sorry. It's been a rough day, and I'm kind of just ready to explode. Apologies if anyone is offended or just like 'WTF up with smkruzik'. I do stand by the assertion that Eklund is a total ****** though
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      Just something to chat about
      "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


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        Originally posted by smkruzik View Post
        why? why even post this... Apologies if anyone is offended .... . I do stand by the assertion that Eklund is a total ****** though
        Thanks. Sorry but the supposition sounds like pure garbage. We know the plan is to grow the young def, period. I have never read or followed Eklund, but have read nothing here but complaints about his rumors, so why are they posted?


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          The thread does bring rise to the notion of selling from strength to address weakness. So if we were to deal Morin or Sanhiem, what would we want back. Obviously a goalie would help this club. The existing duo have been serviceable but you know.....other thoughts?


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            Galchenyuk isn't a risk imo. In the right setting he scores 30 for fun and I think he would be good in Philly. Fwiw.


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              I'm cool with Elab posting this. Although Eklund is a tool, you never know I guess...

              Things are pretty slow around here, no reason to shit on the guy. Get some convo going...

              I for one think the Flyers are dealing Morin....JMO. I think they like Myers a lot (and he's a RHD). With Provy, Sanheim, Hagg and Ghost already on the team, and Myers not far behind, something has to give....
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                Galchenyuk would be a nice pick-up IF he could focus on being a pro, rather than wanting to experiment with stuff off the ice. The kid needs to grow up before its too late.


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                  It is just a bit of a catch-22... sure it's interesting to discuss rumors, but when the source is Eklund, they're literally all made up BS that has no chance of ever happening. We'd be better off just throwing names at a dartboard or making up our own trade proposals/rumors.

                  That said, it's not shocking that a team like Edmonton would be interested in our young D, but they have nothing to offer us to address our needs.


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                    Eklund or not, some of these are entirely plausible. Some of you need to relax a bit with the "it's Eklund" crap. I don't really care where a rumour comes from as long as it seems entirely plausible. There are teams like Montreal and Edmonton who are in a funk and are a bit desperate to try to turn things around. Edmonton sucks right now and that doesn't look good in the McDavid era. Montreal is also under the gun and anyone who watches any of their games knows they need some young defensemen.

                    A rumour is just that, a rumour. If it happens, great. If not, great. It's a discussion board for **** sakes.
                    Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.