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3 way trade to finally end Duchene rumors

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    Originally posted by Vedder View Post
    While Ottawa gave up a lot, they still got the best player in the deal and a 1st line C. He is a younger better version of Turris who appeared to have no desire to resign with Ottawa unless it was on an 8 year deal.
    Maybe he ends up as one in Ottawa, but I don't think we've seen him prove himself as a 1C yet. If we're just looking at numbers, Turris has comparable ones to Duchene and better defense to boot. Yes, they may get an extra year of Duchene versus Turris, but is the difference of that a 1st and a 3rd? It's not a trade I would have gone for.


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      Colorado did really well in the deal.


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        i guess if duchene flourishes into the player he was projected to be at 23yo, then sens win despite what they gave up. definitely a change of scenery can help a guy. high risk/reward move by the sens maybe to try to push into the true-contender territory? this is starting karlsson's prime years now, dont want to waste them.


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          Originally posted by evee1234
          Could he play better in a place where he actually WANTS to play? I know they are professionals but I mean being happy at work or miserable......
          Duchene is from somewhat nearby Halliburton ON... the Sens struggle to sell tickets ... heís a BIG name in Canada ... my guess is they are hoping he can sell some tickets so they can take the tarps off of 1500 seats in their upper bowl lol

          Amazing job by Sakic ... canít believe he got this much in return ... good deal for NAS ... and I think not a very good deal for Sens, and if they canít resign him in two years this deal is plain awful for them ...

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