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GDT: Flyers vs Blackhawks

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Blackhawks

    7PM EST

    Meltzer says Gudas is back, Neuvirth to start again.

    Hopefully the Flyers don't get jobbed by the refs again like in Chicago.

    They gotta get on Crawford early.

    It has been too long since the last game. Bring it!

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    No Patrick again? This is worrisome.
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      Hopefully he just needs to get into game shape at this point.


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        Nice win...first line was excellent, as was Elliott.


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          No goals in 8 games for the Wayne train

          We are only a one line scoring team basically

          Troublesome ...

          Good win though ...

          RIP Roy Halladay... one of the best Blue Jay pitchers ever ... tragic loss

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            I think Simmonds has been playing hurt for awhile. If you recall he was banged up earlier in the season and never sat any games. Since that time he's not looked like himself. I think he's played better the last couple of games so maybe he's getting healthy again. Hopefully he'll be on his game again soon. Patrick returning will also help with scoring depth.
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              On a positive note: Provorov keeps trucking along. It will probably be a couple of years, but he's going to be mentioned as a Norris candidate.


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                Stood strong on D in the 3rd killing off all the calls against.


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                  Originally posted by Strohs72 View Post
                  No goals in 8 games for the Wayne train
                  Wonder if playing with Lehtera instead of Patrick has something to do with it. Obvioulsy Simmer has been good before Patrick but it seemed to be a good line combo.


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                    Hopefully this.gets answered by Tues. At least the low 3 lines are playing well.defensively.