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GDT: Flyers @ Wild

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    Originally posted by lynchmob450 View Post
    Any confirmation on Patrick's return tonight?
    As far as I'm aware, the target is Thursday night in Winnipeg, not tonight.
    Mike Barr, Founder


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      Thanks Mike. This sure has taken longer than what was originally expected. Just really hope he comes back 100% and avoids those big hits.


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        Per Inquirer articles, it makes it.seem like they may not play him even Thurs, and just brought him so he can be with the team and be home to.see people. I am still pissed there was no penalty or suspension for the obvious hit. Gudas would get 5 games for that hit.


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          This team has gone downhill since MacDonald went down...... just sayin
          RETIRE #10 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!


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            why can't we score all of a sudden? This makes no sense


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              Remember last year after Christmas when this team was unwatchable ?

              Déjà Vu

              Listened to the first period tonight.

              Figured that they wouldn’t score (again)

              Fast forwarded to the end of the game

              Turns out I was right

              Saved an hour of my life not wasted watching the second and third periods tonight lol

              Here’s hoping we (a) don’t face Mase on Thursday because as inconsistent as he is (b) he too will probably shut us out lol

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                These last couple of games brought back fond memories of the old trap-Devils.

                Hoping a change of opponents will open things up again.


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                  they showed a stat before the game started..disturbing....right now we are a one line team(again)


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                    What an embarrassing two games. Can't wait to not play the Wild again.


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                      Originally posted by flyerdog View Post
                      why can't we score all of a sudden? This makes no sense
                      When all of your threats are on one line it becomes much easier to shut a team down. Right now we have no offense outside of G/Voracek/Couturier/Ghost. This was the argument against moving G to left wing this season - we don't have the depth. Split up G and Couturier and maybe you end up with a second line that can do something.