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GDT: Flyers @ Jets

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  • GDT: Flyers @ Jets

    8:00 PM EST

    After missing 9 games, Patrick is reported to be back in the lineup.

    The last time they played in Winnipeg, five different Flyers scored. More of that, please.

    [Yes, I double checked that the game is really today.]

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    Which team shows up, Jeckle or Hyde lol. Getting shutout so much makes me feel like hiding sometimes.
    Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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      Well all the paint in my house is dried...

      So ... I may as well watch the game tonight...may be it will be slightly more entertaining than watching the paint dry the last two games *sigh*

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        They habe been talking about names for the top line. The Inquirer had a mention during the week, using the nameGinger line. I heard two tonight, Gingervitis and Gingerbeardmen. I think it is way too early to give them a name, but if I HAD too, it would be Red Alert.


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          How many games for Gudas?


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            soon as G missed I knew we were going to lose...Elliot needs to fix the 5 on the last shot??? Isn't Patrick supposed to have awesome hands????
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              Originally posted by flyerdog View Post
              soon as G missed I knew we were going to lose...Elliot needs to fix the 5 on the last shot??? Isn't Patrick supposed to have awesome hands????
              plus TK seems to be in a real scoring slump. Not that he's a huge goal scorer right now anyway, but just a lot of missed and forced shots.

              As for Gudas, I'd say 3. Depending on how far back on his resume they go; could be as much as 5
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                Elliot played very well ... except in the skills competition.

                Can anyone other than the first line score? Answer —- no.

                Barely heard Patrick’s name mentioned last night ...

                This team is clearly not making the playoffs ⚠️

                Continue the rebuild and sell off any parts which might bring something back of future value ...

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                  We scored more than zero goals and got more than zero points, so... improvement.


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                    saw the second and third periods and I saw what was the problem last year happening again...everyone trying to be way too cute..always going for that third pass when a shot would have been the right call..right now we don't have a "Give ME the puck" guy...everyone is "Here You take the puck..."

                    right now, even if it means a few more losses, they have to take the brute force method..shoot, shoot and shoot..and shoot some more..