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    Originally posted by clumsysnake

    clearly an accident. perrault mauled him and then fell down. gudas was just trying to establish dominant stick position, he wasn't even looking at perrault. thats a common move to bring your stick down hard on their stick and also box their body out with your stick.

    not saying that totally absolves him, but it was a weird play too, and i didnt see any intent.
    Thereís no suspension if the name on the back of the jersey is basically any other flyer other than Gudas.

    I truly thought thatís what he was doing too ... stick down hard on the ice... players do that a lot ... usually not a head there I guess though lol

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      It will be a matter of having to.have control over the stick at all times. I just hope a team rep is there and.says, you guys owe us one for the noncall and no suspension for the clearly dangerous boarding hit on a young star in this league...aka Patrick and the games he missed.


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        Gudas was supposedly apologetic right away, so hopefully that goes to it not being not his intent. Still, knowing the way it goes, I bet he gets 10 games since they keep using fringe offenses to build a case as a repeat offender


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          Confirmed 10 games.


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            Is anyone surprised?


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              Not me...and to be honest, the message sent here is similar to the message the NHL sent to Cooke after his last suspension...change the way you play or get out of the league.