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Should Hakstol be getting concerned about job security??

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    What an odd dig at Giroux... guy is on pace for 90 points this year, and wasn't even involved in the too many men penalty (that was Voracek).

    That said, I wouldn't be upset if they moved on from Hakstol. The Nashville game was the big one for me... idiotic challenge that handed the game away. And so often I find myself thinking this whole stoic blank expression that is supposed to be authoritative just comes off as "deer in the headlights." He looks confused a lot, in my opinion. I don't love a lot of the names on the available list though... please God keep Bylsma away from this team. I'm not sure who I'd want them to hire... maybe Tippet. But I don't know if Hak is on the hot seat yet.


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      In addition to my view on where this team is currently poised in truly contending, that list of names not only doesn't excite me, but worries me about any in-season change for being too likely to result in a same ol' retread from the NHL Coaching Network.

      Even if a retread might be the result of an off-season change, I'd rather let this season play out and then, if a change will be made, have it be a thorough, deliberative selection.


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        The team is underperforming expectations because of the play of the middle six forwards. That's not Hakstol's fault. He can only play the players that he's been given. The defense has been pretty decent, especially when their youth is taken into consideration. There are growing pains there but they seem to be improving. The goaltending has been pretty average but that's better than what Mason was giving.
        Having Patrick go down was a blow but the organization shouldn't expect top six numbers out of a rookie no matter where he was drafted. It's guys like Simmonds, Flip, Konecny that need to gear up their game. Weiss has nothing to offer and really Weal has come back to reality. The issue is that there is no one right now who is ready to replace these stiffs. Veccione and Lindblom might later in the year but not right now. Hexy is reluctant to trade off young defense prospects to get forwards and he can't be blamed for that. Rebuilding is a process that takes time. Have to be patient.
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          Originally posted by flyers19rw View Post
          ...Have to be patient.

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            If they lose again tonight is he gone? That would be what 8 in a row? And how many of those did they have a lead in the third? Long break until the next game on Saturday, could give a new coach a chance to get to know the team....I keep hearing Scott Gordon's name as the most likely replacement with so much Phantoms content on the team now. Not sure I like going with inexperience again, especially with some experienced guys out there unemployed. But how much did he really have to work with on those Islander teams...Tavares was just breaking in in his second year behind the bench and they key players were Streit, Okposo, Guertin, Weight, Roloson, MacDonald/Danis in net....kinda makes this Flyer team look quite good!!!