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Flyers Pens at the Linc, 2019

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  • Flyers Pens at the Linc, 2019

    Stadium series game announced as above. I was not at all interested in the game at Citizens ballpark, but am in for a game at the Linc, especially vs the Pens.

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    I've been to all of the outdoor games the Flyers have participated in.

    2010 - Amazing. First time seeing an outdoor game. Such a spectacle.
    2012 - Had great seats, had an amazing time with my wife. Very cool being in Philly for the first time.
    2016 - Pittsburgh. The luster of the game has diminished drastically. The crowd wasn't nearly as into it, despite this being the venue that has the best sightlines (football stadium vs. baseball). Just a lot more people around for a rivalry game looking to get drunk and fight. Wasn't much crowd noise, really just wasn't the same.

    Yea, I'll still probably go to this one too though.