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GDT: Flyers vs Islanders

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Islanders

    4:00PM EST

    Current losing streak is at 6. The team record is 9, from 2006. If they lose again to the Islanders, they've got games coming up against the Pens and the Sharks that might have them flirting with that record. That might be fodder for the over-reaction thread though...

    A better scenario would be to continue with the fast start they've been having lately, but not let up and get sloppy as the game goes on.

  • #2's gonna be that type of season


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        Seven without a W.

        Isles looked like the more desperate team in the 3rd an OT. They deserved the win.

        For those who want to protect Hakstol, coaching a primary reason for a team that can't protect a 2 goal lead in the 3rd. Also, coaching responsible for the defensive breakdowns witnessed over this winless streak.


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          Watching the post game on NBCSN Philly...Hakstol just basically said that the team has gotten points in 5 of 7 games...and that the game was tied and the team was right there with a chance to win.

          This guy is a total idiot. My goodness...if there was a time show a little frustration it was after today's game. But nope...not stone face Hakstol. Just pretend that things are going according to plan.


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            to be fair...he might be like Andy Reid...Andy NEVER showed any sort of emotion post game..and he never called out players in public...but behind closed doors....i don't know, maybe it's the same dynamic....

            if there was a positive it was that there was a bit more physical play, Simmer finally scored, the team was shooting more often instead of trying to be too pretty, and the goals against were mostly a result of rookie mistakes..and Brandon Manning...


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              And the O&B train wreck continues chugging right along lol. I wonder how LONG Hextall will be patient. It sucks because there are teams like the Oilers, Habs and Rangers who might be desperate enough to part with a young winger for a young defenseman. We just stand pat.
              Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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                Personally ... Iíd like them to drop to the bottom of the league ... acquire more high end talent in the draft ... see if they can trade G or JV... this team isnít winning the Cup any time soon ... hopefully it can happen in my lifetime .... Iím only 45 lol

                I think everyone will welcome AMAC back if it means Manning to the PB

                THE pens suck this year ... theyíll probably smoke us Monday night


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                  What Hextall has been doing is not patience, it's reluctance...i talked about this when Gost couldn't crack the roster years ago..fear disguised as patience is still fear.

                  everyone talking about "the process" needs to stop...the Sixers had no fear in turning the team over...they were quite ok with being awful to gain an advantage and experience..that process does not exist with the Flyers...if they had a "process" kids would be playing and no one would give a **** if they were losing games...

                  instead the top 9 is stocked with half measure veterans trying to make this a 'playoff' club..that's not process...

                  the funniest thing of people freaking at Hakstol for pointed out they've gotten points in 7 of the last 10 games..and acting like losing in OT (or the shootout) is something horrible...I remember games ending in ties..i remember when getting a point was a good ****ing thing....Hak is right...getting points in 7 of the last 10 is it great? No. but see the Flyers don;t want to lose...they don;t want to go pointless..they don;t want to have Coyote moments...they want to be .500 they want to be .500

                  The process everyone keeps saying to trust on display..this is exactly what they's long, its stupid..and the hope is that they can trickle in enough young talent over the course of 5+ years to eventually be relevant...because they don;t want to have another "we're gonna draft Mike Ricci" kinda finish....

                  They went 2-3-5 in there last 10, for 9 of 20 possible points...

                  They are 4-4-4 at home and 4-5-2 on the road..

                  Welcome to the's called mediocrity...and fear...

                  The Flyers in their minds...had the opportunity to win 7 of the last 10 games they played...they don;t see that as bad...they took home 9 points, they could have easily taken home 14...and for them....the difference of 5 points in 7 games..isn;t a huge disappointment..
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                    Hamsters running on a treadmill. Welcome to Comcast Corporate Hockey.