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    Originally posted by FLexible FLyer View Post
    Hamsters running on a treadmill. Welcome to Comcast Corporate Hockey.
    The scary part and reality is this...with the passing of Mr Snider’’’, coupled with Comcast having no real interest in the day-to-day operations of the Flyers, this team is in the hands of Ron Hextall and Paul Holmgren...that is hardly a comforting thought!
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      to me, this slump is about bad defensive coverage due to inexperience on defense and lack of playing time together. tonight it was hagg and especially sanheim with a gaffe. this is what "just play the kids" means... they get experience and we lose games because of it sometimes. thats the trade off. you can't have both. those mistakes have had some trickle down effects in lack of aggressiveness often teamwide, along with impatience. when you're losing no one is loose. thats the root cause of the slump. and this is why the team didnt want to just insert 3 rookie d into the lineup, but they were forced to.

      actually i think each individual player is playing pretty well. i rather like this team without lehtera and wiese. most everyone is playing where i would expect on their individual growth curve, factoring in injuries (ghost, simmonds, and weal, patrick) and ice time. in fact ghost and couts are doing way more than i expected. filp is looking old and raff is showing is lack of hands but thats also who those players are.

      the only thing that burns right now is schenn has 30 pts.
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        Schenn is another one that we let go because we didn't use him properly. That's on the org. There are far too many cases like him, Sharp, Williams, Bobrovsky, etc. We are going to turn into the New York Islanders under Milbury soon lol. Just kidding.
        Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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          You guys thinking Hextall has lost his groove?


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            Not really, I think he has a plan. His patience in sticking with it this long sure is surprising when teams like the Oilers and Habs are ripe for the picking to grab a guy like Puljujarvii or Galchenyuk. We seem to be standing pat, not panicking, not making trades, just giving our young guys a shot but we continue to play guys like Manning when we should be playing some kids to get more experience. Morin seems to be odd man out in Hextall's mind. I don't see him being here very long. Just my opinion.
            Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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              I don't either. Hexy is ultra conservative in pretty much everything he does. So him not making any trades when the team is struggling should not be a surprise. Also, if the plan is to give the kids experience, that in itself is a built in excuse for not succeeding. As Clumsy correctly stated, there will be turbulence in such a scenario. In my eyes, i still question if Hakstol is the right guy to steer this ship...but i guess in Hexy's eyes, he is.

              I'll trust Hexy through this.


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                I just feel so bad for the two German Flyers fans I met.on tues. They went to all three if the last games on a week long trip here. I wish they could have seen at least one win.


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                  I dont believe Hextall has a groove...i thiknk he got lucky with some trades, the draft is what it's not like he's pulled dark horse studs out of the 6th round..he's drafting guys largely were they're expected to go...

                  This is what I want folks to keep in mind about Ron Hextall...

                  he was Ok with trading Schenn, Simmonds and a 2nd for Mike Richard and Rob Bordson

                  he was Ok with trading Schenn for Lehtera the 27...and a 2018 or 2019 1st round pick...

                  "He's a good player," St. Louis general manager Doug Armstrong said. "He's [25]. He fits into the age group of the guys we're building around (Vladimir Tarasenko, Jaden Schwartz, Colton Parayko and Alex Pietrangelo). A real good player. He's got a nice contract for three years ($5.125 million against the NHL salary cap each season, according to We're excited to have him."

                  And hextall?

                  "It was one of those that just kind of came out of nowhere," Philadelphia general manager Ron Hextall said. "Wasn't like we were shopping Brayden. But this deal came along, and we really like the draft next year, we like the late pick this year, we like Jori. Just kind of a deal that made sense."

                  and a little more Hextall on Jori

                  "He's got a well-rounded game," Hextall said. "He can play on the wing, he can play in the middle. We like the player. Gives the coach more options."

                  Call me crazy but the only way this 'out of the blue' trade really makes sense is if you completely misvalue/undervalue or out right don;t like Schenn...and either of the 3 is bad..

                  As nice as Frost may become (I have no faith he'll make this club before he's 25...again because of Hextall's 'process') the idea that trading Schenn for two pics that may pay off years from now..and Lehters..."makes sense"...only makes sense if the team is comfortable with the mediocre...

                  the process is on dispaly

                  he keeps Manning on the roster....his inked in rookie blueliner...was Hagg...while players with much higher upside in Sanheim and Morin were bubble guys...

                  when AMac comes back..who goes down? Morin, Sanheim? Martel? What about when Gudas is off suspension?

                  this process people have faith what point do the decisions start making sense?


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                    This team was a lot better hockey club when AMac was on it than after he got injured. We are playing 3 rookie dmen, 2 rookie forwards, and several 2nd year players. Mistakes are going to happen. You need to stay somewhat competitive to sell tickets, and keep the locals from revolt, but player development takes time. Even the Russian Jesus Provorov has had many bad games this year.


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                      Making it seem like Hextall pulled the trigger on the Richards deal is plain silly...whatever you have to say following this statement won't carry any substance.