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    this is a team..essentially the same team, that was beating teams early in the season, beating WASH, CHI, FLA, TOR, ANA, for example...and more importantly holding a's almost like someone flipped a switch somewhere or something..whatever happened clearly they are capable of that level of play...


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      They're really not that good. The goaltending is mediocre at best and will remain that way until one of Sandstrom or Hart get mature enough to play in the NHL. The defense is getting better but it is not going to perform well as long as Manning is out there and Ghost can not live up to his defensive responsibilities. The idea of Coots, G and Voracek being a top line is nice but beyond that the top next six forwards are a mess. Time to break up that line. Go with Coots as the top line center and drop G down to the second. To expect Patrick to play well enough to be a second line center is asking too much of him at this point. Play him on the third line until he shows enough to merit being moved up.
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        We can argue all day long about personnel. Do the Flyers have the talent to be a contender? No. Do they have the talent to compete for a Play-off spot? I think so but maybe not. Are they playing as well as they can play? Is the coach getting the most out of the team. That's a resounding No for me.

        And then, if you ignore that and just focus on the system and style of play. The lack of intensity, The lack of physical play. The questionable lineup decisions starting early in the season with playing Manning over Sanheim or Morin and going back to last year and playing VDV over anyone. And then couple that with the lack of development of Konecny. It all adds up to ... Hakstol cannot be gone fast enough for me.


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          Originally posted by phillymac14 View Post

          So what you're saying is Simmonds was playing tough, physical hockey under Hakstol before he got hurt? Don't be obtuse

          I guess you didn't see the fights and checks from Simmonds the first couple weeks of the season until he suffered like three injuries over the course of two games. Sometimes I think Flyers fans see only the things they want to see.


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            He's got 1 fight this year ... woohoo. The whole team has 3. Only the Islanders and Sharks have less. That's it. And once again. It isn't really about fights for me. It's throwing the body, mixing it up, pushing back when other teams try to assert themselves physically. We don't do that. We just wilt. It's pathetic.


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              Can't really gripe about anyone playing over Morin...unless you're griping at Hextall.

              This team isn't a bubble playoff team...and they weren't last matter what a 10 game run made you think.

              Still trying to figure out how fans think the team was going to be better when they traded one of their top producers two picks and Lehtera with no replacement for that production..

              Did you guys really think things were going to be better immediately?

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                Originally posted by Rev_Bully View Post
                Can't really gripe about anyone playing over Morin...unless you're griping at Hextall.

                This team isn't a bubble playoff team...and they weren't last matter what a 10 game run made you think.

                Still trying to figure out how fans think the team was going to be better when they traded one of their top producers two picks and Lehtera with no replacement for that production..

                Did you guys really think things were going to be better immediately?

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                Who's you guys? I already said the Wins and Losses aren't why I have soured on Hakstol. It's the way the team plays and the line up decisions I disagree with.

                And when you have Morin for an entire road trip and he is a healthy scratch every night in favor of Manning, Hakstol made those decisions, not Hextall. And you don't think Hextall consults with Hakstol about who to call up and send down? You don't think there was a conversation about whether or not Hakstol would play Manning over Morin? Who plays and who sits are decisions made by the coach and I am certain Hextall came to the conclusion Morin needed to be playing rather than sitting in the press box which is where Hakstol would have left him. Morin doesn't have enough "structure" for Hakstol. The only scenario I can see where Hextall would influence who is on the ice is if he told Hakstol that we had to make the play-offs this season no matter what. In such a scenario perhaps Hakstol would get tunnel vision and say that Manning is the better D-man right now, even if that is debatable and by only a razor thin margin.

                Any thoughts on Konecny's stalled development and who is responsible for that? What about the decision to sit Weal and Leier for Weise and Lehtera against one the fastest teams in the league?
                It's time to get a coach that is actually good at developing young players and putting them in positions to succeed and it's time to play them.

                Fire Hakstol, trade / waive the dead weight, bring up Morin, Lindblom and Vecchione, play the kids and live with the ups and downs. Time for the next generation. And for goodness sake, play with some energy, passion and grit.

                By the way, something that made me laugh ... Autocorrect for Hakstol is Toadstool. Funny.


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                  Uhm. Your argument hinges on Hakstol dictating to Hextall...

                  That's not how it works.

                  When Sanheim was playing over Morin to start the year everyone fell over themselves to make excuses...Morin hust wasn't as good as some of us thought...but they were winning..

                  Now...when they're losing..suddenly Manning playing is an issue. How/when/if Morin gets called up or inserted in to the line up is a big deal.

                  Here's the thing...I was calling for the kids from the start...I was saying play Hagg, Sanheim, Morin, Provorov and's the people having a conniption now that we're most adamantly against that kind of youth movement.

                  As for TK...what exactly is his expected trajectory? Maybe some folks have his ceiling to high? Or his development pace wrong..

                  Leier is a nice player but was he ever supposed to be more than a mid 6 player at best?

                  Weal..lmao..yeah..let's go back to my comment about last year's 10 game streak. Maybe Weal isn't the gem a lot of people hoped for. Maybe there's a reason he couldn't break into the league?

                  Nah it must be Hakstol... nevermind that Couturier finally found that offense folks insisted was there..totally not Hakstol..

                  Or that Provorov has been dominant from day one. Or Hagg has looked solid in his role. And as much grief as Gost takes it hard to deny his offensive skills..(but that's another argument)

                  Hakstol didn't decide to trade Schenn for Lehtera and that decision punted your playoff hopes for this team a year or two. And they were ok with it..and looking at Frost it's hard not to see why.

                  At it's best this team is a bubble team.

                  Hakstol on any given night has exactly what to pick from? Gufas, MacDonald, Provorov, Gost, Manning, Sanheim, Hagg and maybe Morin if he's up and healthy.

                  I already gave my opinion...but understand the 6 I would play...would likely result in a lot of blown leads and hopefully OTL points and not outright goose eggs. But I think any combo of 6 will do that.

                  And the forwards..aside from the first line...what's really available..**** people pretend Raffl is relevant cause he scored 20...once. the team isn't good or deep and the coach had limited options to spark change..

                  He should totally tell Hextall to call up the kids... He should refuse dress 12 forwards until Hextall heeds the demand..

                  And speaking of Hextall..why hasn't he simply altered the roster...I mean he obviously sees the problem. I guess Hak is holding his family hostage to play Manning and Lehtera

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                    Manning playing has been an issue for me from the 1st game. That's when my opinion of Hakstol turned. He has no upside. No future. He's a 6 at best and a 7 on any good team and that is all he will ever be. Morin should be playing every night. End of story. About your Hakstol / Hextall argument ... Hakstol should make the choices of who to play and who not to. He's the coach. If he doesn't and Hextall is calling those shots, then he has no stones and should be gone for that reason.

                    TK should have an upward trajectory. He's on pace for the same amount of points this season compared to last season. Up until last night he was on a pace for less points. That's unacceptable. The talent is there.

                    I have been on the record talking about Weal's sample size and how we shouldn't expect too much. That said, he is much better than those other two stiffs. It isn't even close. The same with Leier. I have no high expectations of him but he's ten times better than those other turds.

                    Raffl sucks and adds no value. He doesn't score. He doesn't play the PK or the PP but because he has "structure" he never leaves the lineup.

                    Anyway, you can respond if you like (it's a free world) but I am done. I am not going to go back and forth any more. I say that because I know you will respond and I am sure I will read it but I'm not going to post on this again. We will agree to disagree.

                    And by the way, I'm not happy with Hextall either. I just don't think he is going anywhere any time soon.


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                      Hakstol can't play Morin if he's not on the roster. Hextall makes that decision not Hakstol.

                      Manning is a 6/7. Problem is when you lose MacD and Gudas...and have Provorov, Gost, Manning, Hagg, Sanheim and Morin...

                      Manning flies up the depth chart. I get not liking Manning but the situation is what it is...and none of the guys listed after Manning really offer much more than he does defensively...*RIGHT NOW* ...hell defensively Gost may be in that group too.

                      It's shouting at clouds...

                      ..and as much as people dont like it...Hextall sets the roster...Hakstol picks from it for the nightly roster..

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