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Game Day Threat: Flyers @ Flames

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  • Game Day Threat: Flyers @ Flames

    Yeah, it's like that around here.

    Prediction: Someone whose last name begins with G will have a hat trick

    Prediction: East coast viewers given the choice of staying up late to watch this or not will probably stay away in droves.

    I'll be there nursing a beer. These are the times that make the eventual good team more enjoyable, right?

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    Enjoy the game. I will be going to the Thursday game in Vancouver sporting my Provo jersey. I fully expect to feel the wrath of the drunken Canucks fans but whatever. This team has so many positives in the pipeline it just needs more time. Fingers crossed for a successful road trip out west!


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      Hmm. When I say I'll be there, I mean in front of the TV, not in Calgary.

      I hope I can enjoy the game!

      I've thought about heading up to Vancouver some time to watch a game there and check out the town. Not a bad flight from the Bay Area. The old schedules had them in Vancouver every other year, right before new years, and I was always visiting family then.


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        Enjoy it, I won't be watching this current incarnation of non interested multi millionaires play a game that is so vanilla it's become unwatchable. Hextall can go **** himself and shove his patience up his ***. Any GM who can smile through a ten game winless streak and STILL stick by a Coach who obviously either can't Coach at this level or doesn't have the right personnel to coach should have been shown the door by now. Complete lack of compete, listless bunch of losers with a couple exceptions. I can watch a young team go through a learning curve, I shouldn't have to watch a coach go through one too.
        Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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          FINALLY some line changes tonight...only thing, I'll stick to my guns on up Martel and make Jake sit in the box for a couple of games..until he decides not to be so lazy


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            Meltzer has Jake down to third line tonight, Simmonds up to first, Konecny to second.

            I would have been OK with benching Jake, fwiw.
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              Jake. FFS.


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                Imagine it took 10 losses to get a shake up. Now that's some good coaching. Hak finally reviewed his courage journal and found a note to himself from last yr. It read...." When you get exposed for not knowing how to coach thru adversity at the pro level.....randomely mix the lines up and make it look like you writhed over the decision for a long fact wait many games at all costs to give the appearance of long arduous contemplation".


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                  Game Day Threat. Lol. Game Day Dread. Fire Hak.


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                    And I hope Hak walks into a different org immediately and enjoys success. He just should not have the reins at this pt.