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  • Flyers drinking game

    Started to come up with this before they won tonight, thinking it would be a way to make losing more entertaining. Tried to follow the guidelines during the game tonight and quite a few of them made me drink! [Disclosure - I also usually have a "if watching hockey: drink" rule.]

    Drink if:

    AMac gets a loose puck with no one within ten feet of him, decides to eat the puck into the wall, loses 50/50 battle.

    Clement says "Why I oughta..."

    G makes a blind drop pass that gets stolen.

    Opposing player ends a long goal-scoring drought.

    Voracek makes a neutral zone pass that is behind the feet of its target.

    The commentary crew mistakes Sanheim for Hagg.

    Hakstol writes something on his notepad during a stoppage in play.

    A goal is taken away from the Flyers after video review. [Drink twice if it should have been a goal.]

    Konecny gets a breakaway and shoots it into the goalie's pads.

    Anyone but JJ uses the word "carom."

    Coots grins.

    Former Flyer scores.

    Filppula skates between the circles in the offensive zone. [This is a good thing, but I can't recall seeing him do it lately.]

    Weal wins the puck in a 50/50 battle in the trapezoid and then has no one to pass it to.

    Ghost tries to hold the puck in the offensive zone but it bounces over his stick and gets out.

    JJ says "allude" when he means "elude", or vice versa.

    Flyers get a two on one but don't even get a shot away.

    Flyers get a three on one but don't even get a shot away. [Drink twice.]

    Reputation penalty.

    Rookie D makes bad pinch, creating breakaway against.

    Referee hit or falls down. Crowd cheers.

    Power play with no shots, or short-handed goal.

    In-game promoted highlights awarded to opposing player or team [great check, fearless play, turning point]

    Crowd demands a penalty and the refs give it to them.
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    Stupid game.woukd be drunk in 6 minutes of play.


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      Drink if:

      Irvdog replies to your post and says it was bad.


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        Originally posted by dogzus View Post
        Drink if:

        Irvdog replies to your post and says it was bad.
        Don't misunderstand please. Love the creativity....just think the game ends real early quite often.


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          I agree with Irv, this would result in a black out drunk after the first ten minutes lol.
          Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.


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            There's enough of them that maybe you could make bingo cards out of them, one per square. Maybe some wagering...


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              Bingo is brilliant!