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GDT: Flyers vs Sabres

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  • GDT: Flyers vs Sabres

    1:00 PM EST

    What is this thing you call "bye week"?

    One more game before it starts. Second matinee of the weekend.

    If Neuvrith doesn't start this one, we may not see him again this season.

    The Sabres have the worst record in the East, and only the Coyotes are worse overall. Since the 'Yotes beat the Flyers last time they met, I'll refrain from drawing any conclusions.

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    Group is on pace for breaking 100 points this season. Who saw that coming?

    BTW, I have to say that I'm loving the line combinations up front, specifically the top 9. I would prefer seeing Leier getting time instead of Lethera. But the defence sure looks yo be lacking Sanheim. I think it's time for him to get back in the lineup...seeing that all our marbles are on the top two, would like to see a little more skill in the bottom four.
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      Was at the game today with my son (for those counting, that's four straight wins after our ten game losing streak to start his "career" as a fan).

      For the first period, the Flyers were totally out of sync. They could not connect on passes and there was a ton of miscommunication on the ice. No idea why that would happen the day after playing such a good game against the Blues, but it did (maybe being shorthanded for 4 of the first 6 minutes?). Neuvirth made a few great saves and kept it scoreless. After Buffalo scored on the power play early in the second, the Flyers woke up and played much better. Got that goal back then the lead and seemed to be back on track. A few breakdowns which Neuvirth covered up over course of the rest of the game and they actually got robbed by Lehner a few times as well. There were some cases of overpassing where they should have shot instead of making that look for the "perfect" setup. But overall, one bad period and two pretty solid ones. A nice way to go on their bye week (they don't play until Saturday night).
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        Nice to see him getting such a good string after that horrid losing streak.


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          nice to see us beat the sabres like we should, after losing to them when we shouldn't. correcting our mistakes.


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            Originally posted by Mike Barr View Post
            Was at the game today with my son (for those counting, that's four straight wins after our ten game losing streak to start his "career" as a fan).
            UCONN senior lil Swami and I have been to 3 games together this year, she is 0,and 3. We had the Pens game this last week. Her next game is against Vegas, and she gets to do the .."are you ready for some hockey".., let's hope we win that one.