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    Pieces are in place for the future. We still need a top pairing defenseman and a scoring winger. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything from Free Agency or a trade due to our cap limitations. Development years ahead.

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    Curious that they have the Flyers as such heavy favorites against the Devils tomorrow, even though they lost to them less than two weeks ago, and have nearly identical records. They say they've tried to discount streakiness in their methodology, but since the Flyers have won four in a row and the Devils have lost four in a row, that probably accounts for it.

    Their methodology page is interesting. I've done a bit of academic machine learning / monte carlo simulation stuff.

    Old model success rate: 50.8

    That really beat flipping a coin!

    New model, 62.9%. They were 5 for 9 yesterday, and the only upset they got right was the Flyers over the GK. (For some reason I abbreviated Knights as N yesterday. I am S-M-R-T)


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      I saw the GN but for once I kept my grammar / spelling nazi in check.
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