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  • Karlson

    Can the flyers make a play. Not should they. Can they. Blue sky discussion.

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    Missed an S in the jeader. Forgive me.


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      Missed an h in header...not jeader. Fuk sakes.


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        One poster thread lol.


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          Yes, absolutely they have the cap space and the pieces. Thy are probably better situated in those regards considered together than any other team.

          Sanheim/Myers, Farabee/Frost, 2019 1st, Allison/Laczynski probably gets it done.

          Sanheim/Myers, Lindblom/Konecny, 2019 1st/Farabee/Frost probably gets it done.

          Both could be done without seriously damaging the team present or future.

          They shouldn’t. I think primarily because it does decrease to some degree their long term and I think they are too weak in net to be cup contenders (stick a mid level, consistent goalie back there and they are probably a favorite with Karlsson)
          "Oh, We got five. Ohhhhh."


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            You have to kick the tires, however; I don't think we should rape our prospect pool.


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              imo it doesn't make sense for us.


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                Can they? I think we are one of the better suited teams in regards to cap space available, high level prospects, available draft picks, and good young NHL players that Ottowa would want. Should we? I agree with Elab and alxhj. We have a real good chance to have a high end rotating pool of talent coming in for the next 3 years to however long we keep drafting well. I wouldn’t rock that boat.


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                  agree with everyone else. A team that's in the 1st or 2nd year of a 4+ year window is the team that's trying REAL hard to get him right now. Once Hart/Sandstrom (pending them being every bit as good as they have been in juniors/SHL) are ready for the big time; I think we can start the clock on our window.

                  I'm really hoping our prospects pan out the way Chicago has with theirs this last decade. It's an enviable position to have too much talent that you can't afford it; so you sell a little bit off to make sure the cupboard is always stocked, while always being in contention.
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                    I normally do not jump on board with these types of moves, but ELITE, RH defenseman, like Karlsson, do not grow on tress. This team does not have anything remotely close to him on the current roster or in the pipeline.

                    There are only 2 players on the current roster that are untouchable for me: Provorov and Patrick...everyone else is fair game in a deal for Karlsson, who just turned 28 and is in his prime!

                    IMHO, a package around Ghost, Konecny and pick(s) gets it done.

                    I included Ghost because any other defensive prospect does not have the value of Ghost and will lead to Frost, Farabee or O’Brien needing to be included in a deal...just a gut feeling, but I believe those 3 guys will be special and I would rather hang on to them!

                    I’ will probably get flamed by some, but that is just how I see it!