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Any interst in Pacioretty

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  • Any interst in Pacioretty

    Sure sounds like the Habs are distancing themselves from their captain. Supposedly they had a deal finalized to send him to the Kings, but the deal fell through when the Kings were unable to extend him.

    Pacioretty clearly is looking to sign a big deal. So is pretty much going to be considered a rental...and the fact that the Habs have confirmed that they are not going to negotiate a new contract with him, they have cornered themselves into really devaluing a guy who is coming off a bad season.

    This being said, would you want Hexy to try to acquire Pacioretty? If yes, what would you be willing to give up?

    Personally, I think getting Pacioretty would really improve our scoring depth and add a guy who is pretty good on the penalty kill. You'd also be getting a guy who is playing for a deal.

    For these reasons, I'd hope that Hexy is attempting to acquire Pacioretty. If I was Hexy, my offer would include Weise, Hagg, Rubstov and a mid round draft.

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    No thanks! the only patches I like are morphine patches!
    what’s up!!


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      Nope. Don't wanna give Montreal anything, let alone sign him to any term in the future. At the deadline I might feel different about getting him as a rental for the playoffs but for now its a no.


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        So what about Pacioretty's game do you not seeing helping the Flyers? Remember...i'm not looking at signing him. This is purely a rental IMO, but one that can be in the lineup from the start of the season.

        Or is it not about Pacioretty and just about allowing the kids a shot, which would be a good stance to take.


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          I think the jvr signing addressed a goal scorer or finnsher need.


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            Pure rentals at this point dont make any sense for the Flyers. They are not 1 player away from a serious run and it would be a waste of assets. Why deplete your newly created prospect depth for a 1 year rental when you're still a few years away?


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              Originally posted by irvdog View Post
              I think the jvr signing addressed a goal scorer or finnsher need.
              I agree. Really dont see why the flyers would need him as I understand a contract extension will be pre-negotiated and he would be there for the long term. Montreal would want Frost and one of the rostered defenseman, not a spare part like Weise who was actually halfway decent for them 3-4 year ago but that ship has sailed.