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Some stadium change updates

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  • Some stadium change updates

    I was in the stadium tonight;

    The upstairs seats have been replaced, not the downstairs. They have added some handicap seating in the upper level. The new ceiling lounge area was behind the stage, so I couldnt tell about progress there

    Nor did I see the upstairs concourse,.they only had one escalator working on each side. The others were being worked on. I guess the elevator worked... Some bathrooms downstairs were closed for renovation. I was quite glad to be in box tonight.

    they seem to have an awful lot of do before the home opener, much less the preseason games

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    The downstairs looks.the same. The upstairs looks fantastic. Very open, and a lot more walking room. Outer walls open at both ends. I was wrong about the upper level bar, it is the top of the end they shoot at twice.

    I cannot believe they left the cup holders in the armrests. They are uncomfortable, and are.only useful if your arms.are 10 inches long. Oddly in the front of us was far thinner than the rest. isn't mine!


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      the new upper area seating is definitely something I'd like to try.