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It's going to be a LONG season!

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  • It's going to be a LONG season!

    Let's face it, this team is just not very good!

    We all get caught up in the hype of a new season, and it is virtually the same team as last year, the exact same defense, the same starting goaltender and almost the same forwards (insert JVR and Vorobyev).

    These guys picked up where they left off...same lazy habits, no energy, slow starts, poor positioning, soft play and guys that cannot finish, just to name a few things.

    They get absolutely buried at home last night and the guys showed no emotion and no resistance at all as they got their butts kicked!

    Not trying to be a downer, but this team is in need of a MAJOR shakeup sooner than later, either that or Hakstol should be on a very short leash!

    I'm as diehard of a Flyers fan as any on this board, I'm just stating my frustration and the need for significant change based on what I have seen the last few years and into this season already!

    The patience strategy from Hexy is understandable and respectable, but trotting MacDonald out there every night and watching him struggle and get beat like rented mule is nauseating! Hexy knew the defense last season was awful, but he stood is much more concerning to me if Hexy thinks the defense this season is fine!

    Something has to give!
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    Didn't we used to have a chicken.little emoji?


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      As someone who was on the MacD hate train from the moment, he was traded for...I find it funny that people only now have a disdain for him...

      Go back and look at this board and at blogs written after the Flyers traded for and then extended MacD, it was a much different vibe about the guy.

      MacD has never been a top 4 dman on a competent club, never should have been one in Philly, but a whole lot of people bought into it for a long time, yet somehow it's a Hak thing that MacD keeps playing...very odd...

      We've cycled through 3 coaches since this team was turned over to Giroux/Voracek/Simmonds/Couturier....we've turned over the blueline and run through a number of goalies...'s probably time to look at the forwards...another coach isn;t going to change things that have been an issue for nearly a decade...


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        I still find Jake to be incredibly maddening...yeah he puts up points and yeah he will score at opportune times but he STILL makes bonehead and lazy plays at the worst times..he's the classic definition of feast or famine...

        as far as goaltending...I'd actually like to see more of Pickard..he's only 26..let's see if he can be the midterm solution we need until Hart/Lyon are ready (If that is what the plan is)...he did make some fine saves last night under duress

        as far as D...the plan seems to have hit some road bumps...Morin still not able to crack the lineup..i think everyone was hoping that by now Morin would be a fixture on defense...
        Myers not ready..and no other D prospects that have potential blue chip value..we still need to find that bullet proof second pair of D men...


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          Morin has an ACL tear, not exactly easy to crack the lineup with that.


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            yeah, but it seems like he is copying Neuvirth a little too much :-)


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              I agree it sucks but the way you phrased it makes it sound like he made an effort in camp then got sent to the Phantoms again or something.


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                not at all..he definitely has the talent and skill to be a very effective player..has to be frustrating for the kid..and i feel for him

                but again I just wonder how many times he will be set back..before Hexy might get to the point where he can't depend on him to break through because of repeated injuries....

                if that happened, (sadly) it's nothing new..there have been plenty of athletes in all sports who had the talent, but just couldn't stay healthy...


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                  I don't think the Flyers wouldn't have extended Morin, if they thought he wasn't worth it, that's very apparent when you consider the injuries he has. I would've liked to have added a decent veteran Dman, because it looks to me like Sanheim is taking a step back, and could use another season in the AHL. There was talk about Ian Cole late last year, he would've been a nice addition. On the other hand, a lot of fans here have complained about the youngsters not getting a chance, and that's fine, but when you do that, you have to expect a lot of growing pains.


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                    Rev was 100% bang on about AMac.

                    The other interesting part of this rebuild is how everyone thinks prospects are legit stars and everything will go according to plan.

                    A few years ago everyone was like our blueline will be: Ghost, Provy, Sanheim, Myers, Morin, Hagg and Alt. All these guys will pan out, be studs, we'll have the best blueline in the NHL bla bla bla. The reality is, half of these guys may not reach their potential and could be having a real tough time being impact NHLers.